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Does natural mean better? Let’s test out mineral cosmetics

Hello! It is said that whatever comes from the Mother Nature, is hundred times better than the products developed in labs. Because it is close to our body, because it does not contain artificial substances, because it can not cause allergies. Does it apply to mineral cosmetics a well? Let’s check it out together. Human

At-home SPA! How to make bath salts (DIY)

Hello girls!  Is there anything more pleasant than a long, scented bath after a hard day? I’m sure you sometimes cannot wait for this moment of the evening:) What can make the moment of relaxation more pleasant? A self-composed bath salt! 🙂 I have prepared for you a few easy yet effective recipes for a fragrant bath

A modern hand cream from Chanel. How did it work for me?

Hello everyone! At first glance, Chanel La Crème Main hand cream does not look like any of the well-known cosmetics. The ovoid packaging is similar to spacecraft from a film. And how does such a product work? Is there anything otherworldly about it? Hand cream – when can it come in handy?  The answer is simple: ALWAYS!

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