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4 Things that Make Your Skin Age Faster!

People do lots of things to stop the aging process, investing fortune in antiaging treatments and pricey procedures… We tend to forget that aging is inevitable and affects everyone. There are effective ways to delay it but sometimes we do more harm than good. See if you are aware of four things that make the

Natural colorants and pigments – do you know them all?

Hey! Cosmetics consist of plenty of colorants and pigments. Obviously, our skin appreciates them natural. If you also want to use cosmetics safe for the skin, check which pigments and colorants you should look for. Read on to learn all about it. Pigments in cosmetics The pigment is a dyeing substance of mineral origin with

top-rated face serum from Nanoil

Nanoil vit. C: Top-rated brightening face serum!

Hey! Let me start from addressing one issue, and that is: Do you know the qualities of an efficacious face serum? Efficacious, budget-friendly and lasting long. I was lucky enough to find such product and after two months of regular use I can finally give you my thoughts about it. What product am I talking

Droopy eyelid make-up – How to perform make-up correctly?

Today, I have some interesting tricks which allow introducing harmony into the everyday make-up. It will come handy mostly to girls with droopy eyelid problem who troubles to find the golden mean in make-up. Enjoy! How to defeat droopy eyelid? My suggestion… MAKE-UP! You know it well enough that well-performed make-up can change the appearance,

Red eye make-up. Who can wear it? How to wear it?

Hello Beautiful! Recently I have noticed that I don’t have any single product dedicated to eye make-up in red colour! Of course, I have many shades of red lipsticks, red nail polishes and a red blusher that is too dark and I shouldn’t have even bought it in the first place. But for eye make-up?

What are the best herbs to beat acne?

Stress, inappropriate diet, hormonal imbalance – those and other factors have an influence on the condition of our skin. If you’re struggling with difficult-to-heal acne, try out my favorite methods! I have been recently role-playing a herbalist and started preparing my own healthful recipes. I guess I got inspired by the books I’ve recently read.

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