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My Beauty Tips: Game-Changing Make-Up Tricks to Know!

I am a make-up junkie! Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that my skin doesn’t look its best despite my efforts and daily skincare routine. There are some tried and trusted tricks I use in emergencies and create lovely make-up in a jiffy. In the post I share simple tips for flawless make-up, making each one of

[DIY] Recipe for an Efficacious Hand Cream and Nail Oil

Let me welcome you warmly on this beautiful morning! I’m looking throughout the window and I’m feeling that today is a perfect day to make something cool, like for example some DIY beauty product. What would you say for… a cosmetic that will help you repair your hands and nails? You like this idea? Great!

Tried and Trusted Remedies for Nail Breakage

Let’s talk about brittle, thin nails today. Nails are affected by the moisture because we keep soaking them in water, for example while washing hands or cleaning. A hand lotion is not enough to repair the nails. Find out what products to use and how to improve weak, brittle nails. Overnight oil mask Oil treatment

Dry, Red Cheeks? Causes, Skin Care, Remedies

Rosy cheeks adding charm and youthful look are definitely more welcome than hot red patches that cannot be camouflaged with any concealer and cause a burning sensation. If dry, red, burning cheeks bother you too, keep reading! What causes red, warm cheeks? The reason may be very simple: feeling embarrassed or stressed, which boosts blood

5 Brilliant Remedies for Cellulite that REALLY Work!

Let me announce the end of cellulite. I declared war on orange peel and didn’t give up. Believe me, massive attacks based on some simple treatments really banish cellulite! How did I make my thighs and belly super-smooth in 30 days? Keep reading! 1. How to get rid of cellulite? Wrapping I like to call it

Fall-Winter season oils for skincare

Hi! The beauty industry is saturated with cosmetics containing natural ingredients, including oils. Some of them can easily find a place in the fall and winter skincare. Which oils are best for you? Sweet almond oil It is a dry oil with vitamins A, B, D, and E, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids. It is

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