Natural tan throughout the year? It’s possible with carrot oil!

Hi girls!

For the last few weeks, I have been testing out a new oil from my collection and I just can’t wait to share with you the impressions of this wonderful substance:) Today’s entry will be about carrot oil, also called carotene oil.

The composition 

This oil is rich in carotenes, vitamins  A, E, C, B1, B2, B6, PP and mineral compounds: phosphorus, iron, calcium and copper.

The properties and use

The carrot is not an oily plant, therefore the oil is obtained from the seeds of this vegetable. It has a beautiful orange colour and a distinct smell.

Beta-carotenes have the ability to darken the skin and can work as a natural tanner, which is why they are often the ingredient of bronzing products. Carrot oil can be combined with other oils, creams and lotions or applied on its own. However, remember that it must be used in moderation especially if you have fair skin, cool undertones because the oil gives yellow shade.

What’s more, carrot oil protects against harmful solar radiation. Carotenes accelerate the tanning process, which is why the oil is often an addition to tanning preparations. At the same time, it is also used in cosmetics designed for after sunbathing, because it soothes sunburns.

Due to the content of vitamin A, C and E, it is a popular component of dry, mature and ageing skin care products. Vitamin A regenerates damaged or irritated skin and protects against water loss. It also improves elasticity, firms the skin and boosts collagen production. It is worth remembering that vitamin E is a great antioxidant that destroys free radicals and delays ageing processes.

In my case, carrot oil works best as a:

Makeup primer 

When I applied it directly to the face I noticed that my complexion became even and dark under-eye circles were reduced. It is a perfect solution for my dry skin. However, bear in mind that people with oily skin should not use it in its pure form as it might clog pores. In this case, it is best to add it to another oil or your favourite cream.

Hair oil 

If you add it to a hair conditioner, hair mask or even a shampoo, it will make ginger hair colour more vivid. I also used it along with my other favourite oils for hair oil treatment.

Body oil 

It is perfect for summertime because it is lightweight and does not leave a greasy layer. Carrot oil strongly moisturizes and smoothes the skin. If used regularly, it improves the appearance of the skin. I recommend combining this oil with almond oil. This blend has given my skin a beautiful, golden colour throughout the entire year. However, if you apply it to tanned skin, it will beautifully emphasize and prolong the tan.

So now you know that when the summer is still far away and the beautiful tan is just a memory, it is worth reaching for the carrot oil 🙂 Are you tempted to try it out?:))


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