Fall-Winter season oils for skincare

Hi! The beauty industry is saturated with cosmetics containing natural ingredients, including oils. Some of them can easily find a place in the fall and winter skincare. Which oils are best for you? Sweet almond oil It is a dry oil with vitamins A, B, D, and E, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids. It is

Natural colorants and pigments – do you know them all?

Hey! Cosmetics consist of plenty of colorants and pigments. Obviously, our skin appreciates them natural. If you also want to use cosmetics safe for the skin, check which pigments and colorants you should look for. Read on to learn all about it. Pigments in cosmetics The pigment is a dyeing substance of mineral origin with

Nanobrow – Eyebrow Serum Brief Review

How can you add volume to your brows? Girls usually go for semi-permanent eyebrow makeup; after all, there aren’t many possibilities in comparison to eyelashes (e.g. there are no eyebrow extensions). Next to semi-permanent solutions, there are brow pomades, tints, pencils giving a temporary effect and natural oils which don’t seem to do much. Luckily,

How to Take Care of Hair? Daily Routine, Haircuts & Products

Hey! Haircare is as important as skincare. After all, it is one of the attributes of femininity. That’s why I’ll tell you how to care for curly, straight, fine and thick hair. Enjoy reading! Curly hair  Many hairdressers define curly hair as dry, dull and damaged. Wash curly hair with a repairing shampoo; next, apply

A few words about aloe. What are its features?

Let’s talk about natural substances, shall we? Do you know that you can use aloe extracts in your everyday care? What are the features of this inconspicuous plant and how many products we can find this green substance in? If you don’t know this yet, I invite you to read the entry. Aloe, a plant

We Will Never Split Up! My Beloved Beauty Products

I guess none of us knows how many beauty products we actually should use. Do we really need all those firming lotions for legs, belly and breasts? Maybe, a hand lotion works also as a foot cream? Nevertheless, every girl should have a list of tried&tested products. Read on to check mine! Makeup Removing Milk

Anti-Guide – How NOT to Treat Your Skin?

A lot has been said about the facial and sensitive skin around eyes care. Sadly, there is not much info on the things our skin DISLIKES. We often face up to a beauty paradox and our skin goes crazy: we provide it with a good moisture boost and then go to sleep with full makeup…

How I Care for Facial Skin? My Tried&Tested Methods

Hi, girls!  Skin care is not so easy. Cosmetics, care and makeup gadgets, beauty salon visits, UV protection… Quite a lot… Luckily, my method is completely different. Check what to do if you want to become skin care minimalists and masters. My Beauty Routine Let’s start with… drinks. I drink water with lemon juice a

Strong fingernails? You can take care of them in a natural way!

Girls, today I’m coming to you with a mini-guide discussing the issue of fingernail care. You frequently pepper me with questions concerning one problem. In short, your messages look like this: ‘My fingernails are weak and damaged. I don’t know how should I help them.’ Here I come to the rescue! Damaged and weak fingernails

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