Fine lines? No, thank you. How are they formed? What cosmetics to use to make them less visible?


Unfortunately, none of us is able to stop the passing time, and with it, our youth and beautiful appearance escape as well. Wrinkles begin to appear on our face, the complexion becomes dry and you may get senile discolouration. Luckily, there are methods thanks to which it is possible to delay ageing and retain youthful look for longer. Read the post and discover how wrinkles are formed, and what cosmetics to use to make them less visible. 

Laughter lines

They appear very early, around 25 years of age, mainly on the forehead, around the mouth and in the outer corners of your eyes. You probably already know some of their names: crows feet, frown lines, marionette lines. Mimic wrinkles arise as a result of strong facial muscles work and rich facial expressions. A good solution will be massages, chemical peels and the use of appropriate cosmetics. The products should contain vitamins A, C and E, collagen, plant extracts and substances that eliminate free radicals. Also, it is a good idea to use products that contain particles that reflect light. Thanks to them, your complexion will become fresher, more radiant and prettier.

The skin of a 40-year-old

At this age, women are beginning to experience gravity signs. The skin on the cheeks and eyelids drops, new wrinkles appear, and those that were visible earlier – become deeper. The level of collagen and elastin decreases, the skin becomes more and more rough and dry, the discolorations are darker and more extensive. If your old skin care products and simple cosmetic treatments are no longer enough for you, maybe it’s time to try out something new. Perhaps, you might consider the procedure of wrinkles filling with hyaluronic acid, microdermabrasion or facelift.

Wrinkles at 50 

There are more and more of them, and the skin does not look like it did 20 years ago. Also, if you smoke cigarettes, sunbathe without any sunscreen, and do not take proper care of the skin, you might notice more wrinkles appearing faster. The majority is visible around the mouth, in the eye area and the neck. Apart from regular visits at the beauty salon, you will need effective and reliable cosmetics. Go for rich hydrating products with sunscreen. DO not forget about vitamins, natural components, antioxidants and a diet abounding in fatty acids as well as drinking at least 2 litres of pure water each day and regular exercises.

How do you deal with fine lines? Do you have any methods of skin care worth recommending? Share your thoughts in the comment section!


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