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My Beauty Tips: Game-Changing Make-Up Tricks to Know!

I am a make-up junkie! Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that my skin doesn’t look its best despite my efforts and daily skincare routine. There are some tried and trusted tricks I use in emergencies and create lovely make-up in a jiffy. In the post I share simple tips for flawless make-up, making each one of

Microblading. Was It Painful? Do I Have any Regrets?

Hello! As I mentioned many times, I never liked my brows. They were always thin, patchy, shape-less. I tried many oils and serums but they gave me only temporary improvement. Eyebrow tinting lasted for two weeks or so. That is why I went for permanent eyebrow make-up! Today I’d like to tell you how I

One Two Lash Magnetic Eyelash Extensions. Hit or Miss?

Hi! Eyelash growth products and accessories enjoy a great popularity among girls. Drugstores offer serums, false eyelashes and volumizing & lengthening mascaras. A new type of fake lashes has been launched by One Two Lash… magnetic extensions. Is it a cosmetic hit or miss? What are the magnetic lashes? They look like regular falsies yet

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Hey! Are you looking for reliable opinions about cosmetics? Maybe you need some practical advice on the issue of care? I'm Olga and I’ll be more than happy to help. Everything you are looking for is on this blog. Have a look!

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