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Acne at age 30 – causes and my reliable methods to fight adult acne

Acne has stopped being associated only with adolescents. Unfortunately. Pimples, blackheads, blemishes are a threat even to people after 30 years of age. Adult acne differs in terms of location and its type: instead of blackheads, hard subcutaneous papules appear, which gain pus and cause inflammation. What’s more, acne at the age of 30 often

Electric facial cleansing brush – My opinion

Facial cleansing brush can be either manual or electric. This accessory is gaining in popularity because it allows to perform precise make-up removal and deep skin pores cleansing. Thanks to this, face skin wins healthy shine and the active substances of face creams penetrate skin deeper and faster and, as a consequence, they nourish it

Retinol – what is it and what is its role?

Hello! It is very popular and effective, often used in the field of cosmetology and dermatology. It has a universal effect, which makes it one of the best substances in skin care and treatment of various dermatological conditions. What are we talking about? It is, of course, retinol. How do you use it and what effects

How do I delay skin ageing process?

Have you noticed the first signs of ageing on your face? Don’t worry, me too. Long time ago. Are you considering undergoing plastic surgery? I also was thinking about this solution, yet I came to the conclusion that before reaching for such drastic means I’ll try out the less invasive ones. After all, there are

They are finally here! Proenza Schouler, Arizona fragrance

Hello! Proenza Schouler is another fashion brand that created perfumes. Arizona, because that’s how it was named, is an extraordinary cosmetic combining the power of nature and true femininity. Will you like the scent of the perfume? Read my post and you’ll find out for yourself. What’s the connection between a desert and perfume? Arizona fragrance was

At-Home Hair Removal? My Tips to Make the Treatment Effortless

Smooth skin is something that all women like most. No ingrowns, no dryness, no unwanted hairs. Nothing but softness, smoothness and velvet-like skin. Easier said than done… How to get such effects? No worries. You’ll find all must-know tips in the post so read on! Let’s keep the legs smooth Exfoliating the skin is an

Enegry booster for the skin. How to treat tired skin?

Hello! Working long hours, lack of sleep, inappropriate diet, unhealthy habits. This all has an impact on the condition of the skin. If you notice that your face does not look as young as before and your day-to-day care does not bring any results, it is high time to change your beauty routine. See how to

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