White clay for skin and hair care. Action, application and nutrients


Clay is widely used in hair and scalp care. It has brilliant features, delivers immediate effects and contains many precious nourishing substances. My recent beauty revelation was white clay. In a moment, you are going to find out its action and application. Let me invite you warmly to read the entry.

What is white clay in particular?

First of all, white clay is also known as china clay or kaolin. It is recommended to treat dry, sensitive skin with tendency to wrinkles as well as to treat oily and combination skin. It can be described as white powder, finely ground and pleasant to the touch. It has to be stored in a tightly closed packaging, at room temperature and in a dry place. How to apply white clay? Luckily, it isn’t difficult. In order to prepare a white clay face mask you need to combine it with water, mix thoroughly and apply to face. When the mask gets dry, you need to rinse it with water.

How does white clay work?

The marvellous features of white clay made it a number one preparation for conditioning skin and hair. The product delivers immediate results and is used both for home and professional treatments. The action provided by white clay depends on:

  • cleansing skin form the excess of sebum, dead epidermis cells and other impurities;
  • nourishing complexion and hair;
  • regenerating skin;
  • improving skin tone;
  • soothing irritations;
  • reducing visibility of wrinkles.

What does white clay contain?

White clay features the following elements: kaolin, silica, aluminium, iron, magnesium, zinc and calcium. Owning to its natural composition, white clay is used in production of powders, dusting powders, eye shadows, creams, lotions and tonics.

White clay for home body and hair care

If you want to make your own hair and skin care cosmetics, it is a good idea to mix white clay either with water or herbal distillate. You can add some herbal extracts or fruit extracts as well. Moreover, you can use white clay to clean your teeth with, for baths and hair washing.


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