Don’t Be Afraid of (Cosmetic) Changes for the Better!


How many times have you tried to change something in your looks? You set up goals but couldn’t realize them. You stitched your beauty plan up but it suddenly failed. If you have never managed to follow your beauty plan out, this text is going to change it. Enjoy reading!

#1 Define the needs of your skin

If you know the needs of your skin, it will be much easier to fill your beauty bag in. Are you going to shop for beauty products? Scan your ‘stock’ first, throw or give away the products that are useless for you (or use them in a different way). Thanks to such cleaning, you make room for new products and get rid of the ones your skin doesn’t need. Next, try to identify your skin type. At a drug store, choose products that are suitable just for you.

#2 Reduce the number of cosmetics

In skincare, less means more. In other words, the fewer products you use, the better condition your skin gets. Believe me – you don’t need all those toners, gels and mousses for your morning skincare routine. Some people say that you don’t need special makeup removers. Sometimes a regular soap is enough to clean the body and face skin. Just think – buying fewer cosmetics means saving some money.

#3 Don’t throw products away before using them up

Throwing even small amounts of cosmetics away is nothing but a waste of money. You don’t know how to reach the product that stays at the bottom of a container? Cut a cream’s packaging, thin your shower gel with water, unscrew all elements of bottles and tubes. What’s the benefit? You’ll buy less and save some money. In this way you can do the popular beauty empties videos on Instagram or Youtube.

What are your (cosmetic) plans for the coming days?


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