Natural colorants and pigments – do you know them all?


Cosmetics consist of plenty of colorants and pigments. Obviously, our skin appreciates them natural. If you also want to use cosmetics safe for the skin, check which pigments and colorants you should look for. Read on to learn all about it.

Pigments in cosmetics

The pigment is a dyeing substance of mineral origin with deep color and great coverage. It is most commonly found in mineral cosmetics, in which color and properties are closely related to the natural ingredients they contain. The pigment makes cosmetics gain this shimmering, metallic or pearly finish. Mineral cosmetics hold healing action and are perfect when it comes to how long-lasting makeup will be. The most popular pigments are:

  • iron oxide for colors from yellow, to red and black,
  • titanium white with SPF for a mattifying finish,
  • zinc oxide with whitening action,
  • chromium for blue and green colors,
  • ultramarine for deep blue, violet and pink.

How to achieve pearly makeup finish?

It is possible thanks to substances such as fish scales, guanine or mica. These ingredients provide various colors that shimmer when under direct light. Said substances allow for the shimmering, metallic or pearly finish. You will find them in the mineral foundation, blusher or powder.

Colorants in cosmetics

These are plant or animal substances allowing the production of cosmetics in various colors and finishes. Colorants are more subtle than pigments and ensure a more natural effect. These are among many: turmeric, carrot, saffron, walnut, acai berry, pomegranate, beet, common nettle.


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