4 Things that Make Your Skin Age Faster!

People do lots of things to stop the aging process, investing fortune in antiaging treatments and pricey procedures… We tend to forget that aging is inevitable and affects everyone. There are effective ways to delay it but sometimes we do more harm than good. See if you are aware of four things that make the skin age faster. If you happen to do them, try to eliminate them of course. Your skin will be grateful and keep young for longer!

1. You skip the neck and chest!

Many girls apply a facial cream only on the face skin. This is a basic mistake! You need to moisturize the neck and chest both during morning and evening routine. The skin loses elasticity and plumpness in these areas the fastest. Often, the wrinkles on the neck or chest give your age away if you don’t care for them the right way. Try to incorporate neck and chest skin care into your daily routine. Probably the effects won’t be instant but they will be spectacular in the long run!

2. You eat an unhealthy diet

“You are what you eat” may be regarded as a cliche but I totally agree with it! You should try to cut down on monosaccharides and sweets. Obviously eating a bar of chocolate or apple pie from time to time won’t destroy your skin. Enrich your diet with products packed with vitamin C, vitamin E, and omega fatty acids. In turn your complexion will keep beautiful for longer – it will be plumper and you will banish hated zits and even out the skin tone.

3. You don’t get enough sleep

We all know that nighttime is a chance for the body to bounce back. You must have noticed your face looks much worse when you put an all-nighter. In this case the skin cannot undergo the repair process. Try to sleep at least 6 hours a day, as well as go to sleep and get up at regular times. By sticking to routine, you wake up full of energy and your skin always looks fresh and rested.

4. How about a glass of water?

Apart from face creams or masks, drinking water keeps skin moisturized and it’s actually the most effective. Too bad we forget that we should drink around two liters of water a day. The skin, hair and nails will be grateful. If it’s hard for you to drink the daily minimum, why don’t you download an app which reminds you to take a sip?

I hope the post is useful. Now, do your best to eliminate the four things that make your skin age faster. The effects will stun you. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments below!


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