Spots, blemishes and marks. Is it possible to remove discolorations from face?

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Face skin discolorations is a problem that touches many of us. In most cases, these are the sun, genes, some medicines and herbs that are responsible for developing these skin imperfections. Can we remove them? Yes, we can but you need to know how to do this. In this entry, I’m going to put forward a few ideas for lightening up, and as a consequence, removing discolorations from your face.

Do you know the kind of discolorations you deal with?

There are a few types of skin discolorations which can be removed with better or worse effect. These are: freckles (they appear when melanin gathers unevenly under the skin and the work of melanocytes is disturbed), liver spots also known as sun spots (they occur on hands, face and cleavage as a result of non-sufficient sun protection), chloasma (marks that develop as a consequence of using hormones or pregnancy), lentigo (forms after long exposition of skin to the sun as well as because of skin ageing processes), Riehl Melanosis (tiny spots which are caused by photoallergic products).

How to remove or light discolorations up?

The most important rule of taking care of skin with imperfections is the accurate diagnosis of the type of discolorations we are dealing with. You have to know that there’s a different method for removing superficial spots and different method for the ‘old’ discolorations that are located in the lower skin layers. It’s also worth consulting a dermatologist who will prescribe the right medications. If you decide to deal with the problem on your own, give a go to a cream containing fruit acids: phytic acid, azelaic acid, or kojic acid. You can also make a good use of products with vitamin A and retinol.

Other methods of removing discolorations

If your face, neck and cleavage are covered with discolorations, apply sunscreens every day. Moreover, you can make an appointment to a beautician to undergo cryotherapy, chemical or laser treatment. It’s said that profound effects are produced by exfoliating peelings, whitening creams as well as face masks containing bicarbonate of soda. The alternative medicine recommends using of a potato or onion. In the pharmacy, you can find silicone ointments which are also known for their highlighting features.

What are your methods of removing and lightening up of discolorations?


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