top-rated face serum from Nanoil

Nanoil vit. C: Top-rated brightening face serum!

Hey! Let me start from addressing one issue, and that is:

Do you know the qualities of an efficacious face serum?

Efficacious, budget-friendly and lasting long. I was lucky enough to find such product and after two months of regular use I can finally give you my thoughts about it. What product am I talking about? It’s Nanoil Vitamin C Face Serum.

Trending brightening serum: Nanoil Vitamin C Face Serum

I’m sure many of you have already heard about this serum because it’s almost everywhere. Nanoil Vitamin C Face Serum is really something big, especially after realizing that it’s formulated with the best form of vitamin C, the one that has many benefits for skin. I just want to say that vitamin C used in Nanoil serum is stabilized, so it doesn’t break down before being applied to the face, which sadly is the case with the majority synthetic vitamin C derivatives. Luckily, in Nanoil serum we have a nutrient that is proven to penetrate skin deeply because it’s resistant to high temperatures and UV light. This means that Nanoil face serum is perfectly able to give you the best results in a quickie.

Size, texture, destined use

Now, let’s move on to a few useful pieces of information concerning Nanoil and its vitamin C face serum.

  1. Nanoil brightening serum comes in a big size, which is 1.69 fl. oz (50 ml). Note: the majority face serums available currently on the market are sold in one ounce bottles.
  2. The formula includes just a few but quality ingredients, meaning that the list of ingredients is short.
  3. The texture is pleasant and smooth. Skin tolerates the serum well, having no problems absorbing it fully, and therefore it can be applied under makeup.
  4. The good news is that you will pay a few times less for bigger Nanoil serum than for other luxurious brightening serums offering less product.
  5. Nanoil serum is destined for all skin types at their 20s and older.

If you’re young, I’m sure you will like the effect of luminous skin that the serum is able to give you. Just think how many times you had a late night and your skin was revealing the fatigue the next day. Nanoil serum is also perfect for mature skin because it erases age spots and reduces fine lines. When you’re in your 30s or 40s, skin starts getting older and gradually loses its resilience. In order to prevent your skin from losing its suppleness, you should use vitamin C serum to get an even skin tone and protect your face from photo-ageing.

Key ingredients in Nanoil Vitamin C Face Serum

I think there are two main ingredients in Nanoil Vitamin C Face Serum that I should draw your attention to: vitamin C and Punarnava root extract. As mentioned above, vitamin C used in Nanoil serum is stabilized, thus it’s able to give you the exact effects you want to get. To make a long story short, ethyl ascorbic acid is the most effective, the strongest and simply the best form of vitamin C for skin. Punarnava is a Hindu plant whose extract fights off free radicals, brightens up and improves the resilience of skin. Like vitamin C, Punarnava erases hyper-pigmentation.

How has my complexion changed after 2 months of using Nanoil serum?

I was stunned when I saw that Nanoil Vitamin C Face Serum made a huge difference to the way my skin looked after just a couple of uses. The serum replenished my skin with water and refined its texture so it becomes lovely and so pleasantly smooth. Before listing all benefits, let me just tell you first that you can use the serum morning, evening or both. I prefer applying it morning because, apart from giving me luminous and brighter skin, the serum also provides protection from external aggressors.

This is what I noticed after 2 months of regular Nanoil serum use:

  • brighter discolorations, reduced wrinkles
  • even skin tone, healthy radiance
  • protection from photoaging and free radicals
  • firmer, young-looking and healthy skin

Why do I think Nanoil Vit. C Face Serum is the best?

The answer is simple: the serum is designed to handle a few tasks at the same time. It’s versatile also because it can be applied literally by everyone. Nanoil serum moisturizes, protects from free radicals and slows down ageing. The stabilized vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that leaves skin brighter and boosts collagen synthesis in skin, making skin more supple.

Where can you buy Vitamin C Face Serum?

I suggest getting original Nanoil serum from the official website, which is Nanoil shop has more beauty products in stock and apart from this brightening serum that I’ve just reviewed for you, there are also other face serums, cosmetic oils and shampoos, to name just a few. I didn’t have to wait long for the delivery, which in fact was free and easy to track.


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