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Homemade sugar scrub with chamomile and lemon for feet

Hi! Homemade cosmetics are often the perfect alternative for many women when it comes to skincare. Cosmetics made this way contain only natural ingredients and work effectively even for sensitive skin. One of homemade cosmetics is natural sugar scrub with chamomile and lemon for feet. How to make it, what are the effects and how

Nanobrow – Eyebrow Serum Brief Review

How can you add volume to your brows? Girls usually go for semi-permanent eyebrow makeup; after all, there aren’t many possibilities in comparison to eyelashes (e.g. there are no eyebrow extensions). Next to semi-permanent solutions, there are brow pomades, tints, pencils giving a temporary effect and natural oils which don’t seem to do much. Luckily,

Favorite face serum with vitamin C Nanoil

Nanoil vit. C: Top-rated brightening face serum!

Hey! Let me start from addressing one issue, and that is: Do you know the qualities of an efficacious face serum? Efficacious, budget-friendly and lasting long. I was lucky enough to find such product and after two months of regular use I can finally give you my thoughts about it. What product am I talking

How to get long, thick and healthy lashes? It’s easy!

Every woman dreams of having long and thick eyelashes, but not everyone has been given them by nature (instead, some got bushy eyebrows or mustache). Fortunately, there are ways to make your eyelashes long and thick. All you have to do is take care of them properly. What to do to have healthy, long and thick

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