How to use face-care products? The order of applying cosmetics

Even the best and priciest products from the most famous brands may turn out to be ineffective when you use them incorrectly or follow the wrong order of applying skin-care products. How to cleanse the face? How and when to use toners, serums, moisturizers and eye creams? I’ll try to answer all of your questions.

How to cleanse the face?

I always apply face-care products to clean skin because this reduces the risk of irritations and aids the ingredients in penetrating the epidermis. I like to use rinse-off gels (micellar water works well too) and rinse the face thoroughly to get rid of the product residue. I also use a face scrub twice a week to remove the dead skin cells making it easier for products to penetrate the deep layers of the skin.

How to use a face toner?

I wipe the cleansed skin on the face and neck with a face toner – this is an essential product because it restores the natural (acidic) pH of the skin. With it, the skin can protect itself from germs and it absorbs nutrients better.

How and when to use a face serum?

A face serum is made for special tasks. It holds a highly-concentrated dose of active ingredients, for example nourishing, hydrating or skin-plumping substances. The serum should be used for minimum twenty-eight days because this is how long the skin renewal cycle lasts and the serum aids this process. Serums have light, semi-fluid consistency so the skin absorbs them fast. That’s why I don’t rub it over stretching the skin but I quickly pat it on the face with the fingertips. I apply my serum at around 8 pm when the nighttime skin cell repair process begins.

Serum is used for long-lasting treatment while face masks should be treated as a one-off booster with concentrated active substances. What do I mean? Use the mask occasionally or regularly yet only from time to time, for example once a week. Always apply it after a scrub so the skin can make the most of it.

How to use a moisturizer?

The skin-care routine is always completed by a moisturizer. How to use it the best way? First I warm up a small amount of the cream between the palms and smooth it over the face patting it on. This way I speed up the cell metabolism and the active ingredients of applied products can be fully used by the skin cells. I massage the product upwards. Firstly, I pat it in the lip area and move from the chin to the temples, and then from the cheeks through the nose to the temples.

How to use an eye cream?

I pat my eye cream under the lower eyelid from the outer to the inner corner of the eye, and below the brow arches. Last of all, I massage the forehead and stroke the skin moving towards the temples.

What about your ways to apply face toner, serum, moisturizer and eye cream?


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