Dry, Red Cheeks? Causes, Skin Care, Remedies

Rosy cheeks adding charm and youthful look are definitely more welcome than hot red patches that cannot be camouflaged with any concealer and cause a burning sensation.

If dry, red, burning cheeks bother you too, keep reading!

What causes red, warm cheeks?

The reason may be very simple: feeling embarrassed or stressed, which boosts blood flow, and gives us rosy cheeks. In this case redness is not dangerous as it is only a natural body reaction.

The situation gets serious when blushes don’t occur only occasionally.

If redness doesn’t fade and it goes with a face feeling hot and irritated, plus the skin is dry, dull and tight, then the causes may be different. What are they? The most common causes include:

  • reactive, sensitive, couperose skin
  • allergic reaction to ingredients in cosmetics
  • first signs of acne rosacea
  • lack of optimal hydrating and conditioning
  • skin irritations, for example sunburns

Remedies for dry, red, burning cheeks – my tried and trusted treatments

Eliminating the cause of dry, red cheeks is definitely the best remedy. If you suspect allergic reaction or acne rosacea, I suggest doctor’s consultation to diagnose the condition and get the best solutions.

I share the remedies that helped me but remember that each case is different.


Hyaluronic acid serum is lightweight, fast-absorbed, and it moisturizes the complexion very well. Besides, hyaluronic acid is one of the ingredients building human skin and it maintains its elasticity and youthful appearance. As far as irritations go, HA is quite effective to alleviate red face and reduce burning sensation. It calms the skin a bit. It leaves my face very soft and silky so I love to use it.


Raspberry oil is another alleviating product for reactive skins. It is budget-friendly and has a soothing effect so it is able to minimize the inflammation. I recommend unrefined, cold-pressed raspberry oil but you may as well try almond, jojoba or argan oil: each one works well if you choose a quality product. Oils are recommended for face care for a good reason: they improve the level of moisture, nourish the complexion, prevent oxidation, and protect against sun damage, for example.


Apart from the above, I use a facial cream but not a regular one. A good cream for dry, red, flushed skin must contain vitamin C which strengthens capillaries, vitamin B which restores balance, buckeye extract which prevents spider veins, and panthenol which brings relief and moisture. It’s great if your cream is enriched with the above-mentioned hyaluronic acid or other humectant (aloe, urea). Make sure it alleviates inflammation.

How to camouflage redness on cheeks?

There’s one more gripe. Unfortunately, redness doesn’t vanish STAT. How to camouflage the red patches and stop looking embarrassed all the time? I like three items:

  • green concealer to make red patches less noticeable.
  • full coverage foundation for couperose skin.
  • mineral loose powder.

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