Tried and Trusted Remedies for Nail Breakage

Let’s talk about brittle, thin nails today. Nails are affected by the moisture because we keep soaking them in water, for example while washing hands or cleaning. A hand lotion is not enough to repair the nails. Find out what products to use and how to improve weak, brittle nails.

Overnight oil mask

Oil treatment works best at night and it’s so easy: you fall asleep with an oil mask on your nails. How to do it? Firstly, get a good natural oil (avocado oil and linseed oil work wonders; the first one holds a bomb of vitamins, the other one abounds in omega-3 acids that inhibit nail breakage). Next, take some oil and rub it into the nails and cuticles using a cotton pad. Put on cotton gloves and take them off in the morning. A few treatments give you visibly stronger nails.

Vitamin soak for stronger nails

There’s nothing better than vitamins, right? Many of them are absorbed better if you mix them with oils first. So, heat up some olive oil and add vitamin C drops or lemon juice and some honey – this is one of the best nail treatments, plus it’s really relaxing. I enrich mine with two vitamin A+E capsules.

Castor oil treatment to fight nail breakage

Castor oil isn’t just a perfect hair conditioner or brow serum. It remedies damaged nail plates too. Because it’s thick, it is easy to apply and doesn’t run down. Castor bean oil contains a unique fatty acid called ricinoleic acid that strongly nourishes and acts as an antiseptic which is very helpful in nail care. Rub the oil into the toenails as well. The effects don’t take long to appear.

Gelatin and horsetail infusion to strengthen weak nails

Nails are in a bad condition if they aren’t taken care of properly. So, to keep them strong and neat, you need to enhance them on a regular basis. The surface and mostly the edge of nails gradually get worse and after some time you can clearly see they are ruined.

To keep them safe, use both oils and gelatin which slightly fixes damage to the nail plate. Soak your nails in it regularly to keep them conditioned. Dissolve a spoon of gelatin powder in a lukewarm horsetail infusion (drain it first of course). The resulting mixture is quite thick. Gelatin is a collagen derivative high in proteins and peptides while horsetail abounds in silicon and potassium essential to strong, lovely, healthy nails.

Is a nail conditioner worth your money?

Do drugstore nail conditioners help repair damaged nails? They do but don’t bargain for spectacular effects. Colorless nail conditioners are the worst because they hold some harmful ingredients, not just nail-enhancing substances. Still, if you decide to nourish your nails with a readymade product, get an oil-based conditioner or a nail serum which is fully absorbed, deeply nourishing the nails.

That’s the end of my nail lecture. Choose your favorite treatment and do it regularly. Letting me know about the results would be nice too! 🙂


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