Healthy and good-looking hair? 3 grandma-approved remedies that you should check out!

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I know that you’re fond of home beauty treatments. Surely you have the same observation like mine – the simpler the treatment is, the better effects it delivers. And by saying “treatment” I mean “recipe for DIY beauty product”. Okay, maybe this is not the rule as far as the present-day homemade cosmetics go, but it’s true for the beauty products made by our grandmas. What’s my point? My amazing grandmas have shared with me their home beauty remedies that totally work! Today I’ll reveal three natural remedies for beautiful and full-looking hair.

Egg on hair

Do you know that an egg hair mask is a perfect solution for color-treated, bleached and over-processed hair that doesn’t look good and becomes extremely dry? Egg is a vitamin, mineral and fatty acid treasure. When you apply egg hair mask, you deliver the following:

  • enzymes that help you win the battle with constantly oily hair
  • healthy and good fats (just like cosmetic oils!)
  • vitamins (A, E and B-group)
  • iron and phosphorus
  • folic acid

The beloved grandma of mine also told me that various hair textures tolerate (or I should say “absorb”) egg in a different way. For example, it’s recommended to apply the yolk alone to dry and brittle strands. Apply it to pre-washed hair and rinse the yolk after 10-20 minutes. In the case of normal and oily hair, beat the whole egg and let it sit for approximately 15 minutes. If you want to, add a teaspoon with castor oil.

Yogurt on hair

Yogurt is an amazing all-natural and single-ingredient hair mask! Owing to the good bacteria it contains, yogurt offers a safe and natural hair treatment – acidifies the scalp and in general creates the right environment for the scalp, and this helps you deal with oily hair. With natural yogurt to supply the strands with:

  • lactic acid
  • vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12
  • zinc, proteins and calcium

Yogurt hair mask has the best effects on dry and damaged hair, turning it shiny and smooth. Another good thing is that preparing such a hair mask is super easy. Firstly, you need to take off the lid and secondly spread the natural yogurt all over the hair. Yep, that’s it. Rinse and wash the hair with a mild shampoo. I’d suggest exposing your strands to yogurt treatment every 2 weeks.

Olive oil & lemon juice on hair

Do you know where the famous olive oil and lemon juice combo come from? Back then people washed hair with soap that disturbs pH in the scalp. For that reason, it was advised to use a hair wash after shampooing – lemon juice or a dash of vinegar combined with water and pour all over the hair, to balance pH. My grandma told me that I can boost such hair wash by adding a few drops of plant oil, e.g. olive oil. Use no more than a half teaspoon of plant oil per a 500 ml of water. Combine the ingredients and pour your homemade cosmetic all over your head and strands as the last step of washing. I’m sure you will be surprised how soft and shiny your hair will become!

Do you know any other grandma-approved remedies for strong hair? Write in the comments!



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