Autumn Treatments – Laser Therapy for Healthy & Beautiful Skin

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Autumn is a perfect season for beautifying the skin, smoothing wrinkles and getting rid of pigmentation spots. Laser therapy is the most popular. Check the effects it delivers and how you can use it.

How to get prepared for the procedure?

Consult your doctor or beautician on all things connected with enhancing the appearance. You can’t sunbathe a few weeks before and after the treatment. If you go for the epilation, you can’t use wax or tweezers within the next few days. Four weeks before the procedure, you mustn’t apply retinol-infused and self-tanning products. A series of treatments gives the best results. Unfortunately, you must wait for the final effects for a few months.

Laser hair removal

The most popular treatment among men and women. Laser hair removal brings effective and amazingly durable results. Do you know that first such treatments date back to the 60s? The method got developed at the beginning of the 21st C, though. Now, lots of people make use of this technological invention. What does the procedure involve? You must shave the hair with a razor and moisturise the skin a day before the epilation. At a beauty salon, the aesthetician degreases the skin and ‘shoots’ at a chosen skin area with the laser device. The skin is usually red and sensitive after the treatment. To soothe it, use products recommended by your beautician and follow the rules for skincare after laser therapy.

Laser peel

An excellent alternative to mechanical and chemical peels. Laser peel removes scars and pigmentation spots, increases skin firmness, smoothes wrinkles and shapes the face. The treatment works for people with problematic skin, prone to blemishes. The swelling may last for three days. Then, the epidermis flakes off which takes more or less seven days. A few treatments, done every other month, give the best effects.


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