Droopy eyelid make-up – How to perform make-up correctly?

Today, I have some interesting tricks which allow introducing harmony into the everyday make-up. It will come handy mostly to girls with droopy eyelid problem who troubles to find the golden mean in make-up. Enjoy!

How to defeat droopy eyelid?

My suggestion… MAKE-UP! You know it well enough that well-performed make-up can change the appearance, brighten up the look and optically make eyes pop. I have the same problem and I know that the droopy eyelid is nothing nice. You have to learn to live with it and few simple tricks can help you perform make-up that easily corrects this imperfection.


A droopy eyelid is an excess skin that gathers under the brow ridge and makes eyes to appear “heavier”. It is not as fresh and light as we’d expect it. Owners of droopy eyelid have no easy task because standard make-up can only highlight the issue.

Droopy eyelid make-up is based mostly on the use of cosmetics which are focused on minimising the visibility of droopy eyelid, uncover the eye and make it optically bigger. Proper make-up can be beneficial even to the covered eye. What should you remember?

  1. Droopy eyelid make-up should go over the crease which will make eyes to appear bigger.
  2. It is worth to consider make-up that highlights the inner corners of the eyes and the brow ridge. It will draw attention away from the droopy eyelid.
  3. Another rule says that eye contour cannot be outlined with a dark pencil (nor a dark eye shadow) because then eye seems smaller and settled deeper.

These are rules you have to remember at all times if you have a droopy eyelid and you’re about to reach for that eye shadow and make-up brushes. Three above tips will allow you to forget the heavy and ineffective eye make-up. Your eyes will pop and look becomes fresh. Droopy eyelid make-up is able to introduce a symmetry to the face.


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