Red eye make-up. Who can wear it? How to wear it?

Hello Beautiful!

Recently I have noticed that I don’t have any single product dedicated to eye make-up in red colour! Of course, I have many shades of red lipsticks, red nail polishes and a red blusher that is too dark and I shouldn’t have even bought it in the first place. But for eye make-up? Nothing!

And now it’s time to equip myself with red eye-shadows and an eyeliner in the shade of strawberry because the red make-up era has come! ♥

Unfortunately, I have to upset you…

This fiery make-up IS NOT suitable for everyone. I’m lucky enough that my beauty type perfectly matches with this kind of make-up. Red colour is a damaging one because instead of giving us sexy look, it can transform us into a nightmarish creature. This will happen if we apply red eye-shadows in the wrong way, or when we blend them with mismatching shades.

Whom does red suit?

  • people of flawlessly smooth and even skin that is free from any redness and discolorations – red makes all blemishes be more visible;
  • people of darker complexion, best if of olive shades, because fair complexion might look pale as a ghost with red eyeshadow applied;
  • people of dark eyes, for example, having a black and brown iris, which depth can be intensified by the very red eye make-up.

How to wear red eye shadows?

The possibilities are countless and it all depends on your creativity. To demonstrate, we can apply only a thin line along eyelash root line or reach for red eye-shadows. For more brave women I suggest giving a go to red smoky eyes topped up by a juicy cat eye line. However, if you don’t want to wear such eye-catching make-up, you can reach for a red eye shadow but treat it just as a delicate element applied to, for example, the coroner of the eye or just to the lower eyelid.

You must remember about this!

And here is a handful of tips concerning the way you should wear red eye make-up. I discovered them thanks to running my more or less successful experiments with red eye shadows. Therefore, lay your trust in me because I know what I’m talking about 🙂

  1. If you decide to apply red eye make-up, resign from applying a heavy lipstick. Dark eye make-up composes well with lips either of nude or natural shades. Therefore, you can just apply a shimmering lip-gloss to look good.
  2. If it’s your first time with red cosmetics on, it’s wiser to start from applying just small portions of it and gradually, day after day, move to more imposing make-up. This will let you avoid the situation when instead of sexy smoky eye you end up with a big unsightly red mark all around your eyes.

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