Korean marvel for fingers! Silk finger balls that remove blackheads!


Today I’m going to discuss a topic that most of you have nightmares about – the blackheads. Discolorations or acne are fairly easy to combat since we have numerous weapons to fight them. Unfortunately, the issue with blackheads isn’t that easy. For some reasons clogged skin pores seem to want to stay unclogged.

I’ve already tested hundreds of solutions. None of them brought out the effects I could describe as satisfactory. Therefore, I think that either my blackheads are really mean and nasty, or all the magic face cleansing tricks simply don’t work.

I’ve been testing this Korean invention for two weeks now. I bought it just out of the curiosity. I didn’t expect any amazing effects because I assumed that such a product couldn’t work well. I just wanted to test it. After all I had nothing to lose, hadn’t I? What am I talking about?


No, you didn’t read it wrong. This is really a review of finger balls which are made of silk and are used to cleanse dermis. It sounds surprising, looks equally funny but believe me, this item is worth your attention 😉


Silk finger balls look like small, round beehives or nests. They are shaped in such a way to put them onto fingers easily, just like a thimble. COSRX balls are entirely white and really delicate to the touch. They were made of silk fibre. One packaging stores 12 single finger balls.


Cleansing finger balls by COSRX are perfect at dealing with skin impurities, excess of sebum and even hard to remove blackheads. They minimize visibility of black spots, counteract uncontrolled shine, moisturize and make skin more soft. Also, they even skin tone thanks to a delicate massage which stimulates micro blood circulation of dermis.

Directions for use

It’s nothing difficult. One cleansing procedure requires the use of 4 balls. Each silk ball has to be damp in lukewarm water, then the excess of water has to be squeezed to put the ball onto a finger. You need to use two fingers, the index finger and the middle one to give the face skin a massage. I use circular motions on the both sides of my face. I press the balls rather hard so as to remove the impurities and stimulate blood circulation effectively.

Extra info

One silk finger ball enables to perform 3 face cleansing procedures. I use one packaging for 9-10 treatments. It doesn’t cost much, isn’t time-consuming and is a really effective method of blackheads removal. All things considered, I can recommend this product to all of you who struggle with blackheads like me. Give it a go!


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