How to Enhance Beauty Before a Date? Try Super-Fast Treatments!

Are you planning on a date? I’ve got a treat for you – read a short guide on how to enhance the beauty before a date. I hope you’ll like my super-fast treatments! Enjoy reading!


If you need to make your nails better fast and have no time for applying dark nail polish, try a superb conditioner in a soft beige color from Avon. Apart from the nourishing effect, it makes nails look lovely and healthy. Give it a try! It is budget, fast-drying, and makes the nails shine brilliantly, plus the color stays untouched for many days. Also, remember to keep the hands moisturized. After mani, rub natural oil into the nails to add shine, leave a protective layer on them and soften the cuticles.

You can also use the same nail conditioner on the toenails. While applying it on the hand nails, soak your feet in a nourishing bath based on water, salt and olive oil. Dry the feet, apply the conditioner and rub a foot cream in.


If exfoliation crosses your mind, I warn you against doing it before a date. If you have an acid toner, it definitely makes a better choice. Instead of advanced peels, you can simply cleanse the complexion and go for an instantly-working face mask that beautifies the skin in record time. The face has a healthy color, is perfectly moisturized, smooth and radiant. It looks rested and full of life. K-beauty sheet masks fulfil this role ideally. Radiance and rested look are the secret to looking your best so get your beauty sleep a day before the date. Always remember to moisturize the face skin as often as possible. Get a nighttime face essence and a moisturizing and soothing flower water. A hyaluronic acid face serum (mine is from Nanoil, now using the third bottle!) is a perfect choice for hydrating the skin.


I don’t recommend face scrubs before a date but a body scrub is definitely welcome! Find a quality product that smells lovely and is made from natural ingredients to leave the skin perfectly moisturized, smooth and blemish-free. I often use Natura Siberica or Body Boom scrubs. You can buy them in single-use sachets. They work wonders on my skin and I’m obsessed with them!

After a shower and scrub, use a firming lotion which smells nice. If you’re going to expose the neck or shoulders, apply some brightening gel with mica powder. Fenty Beauty Body Lava is one of the best picks.

Last but not least, remember to never experiment with make-up before a date. Go for a natural-looking make-up so you don’t end up stressed about eyeliner smudges or red stains on the teeth.


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