Mistakes that Make Us Look Older. How to Care for Skin to Look Young & Radiant?

I don’t know the recipe for eternal youth. I guess that nobody has ever invented an elixir of youthfulness yet many brands name their products using this buzzword. Luckily, at least I know how not to make myself look older (it’s definitely unnecessary).

Curious about the mistakes making us look older than we actually are?

Growing older is a normal process

I’ll start with stating the obvious – women have problems with passing time. It isn’t understandable; after all, we can’t affect the fact that time passes. We cannot stop the biological clock either, no matter how much effort we put. Let’s accept face creases, minor pigmentation spots, loss of skin elasticity.

All we can do is prevent pre-mature signs of ageing, and grow older gracefully, dear gals!

Which body parts age the fastest?

Face, neck, chest and hands are the parts we must treat to special care. The skin there is the most delicate, the thinnest and has few sebaceous glands – the ones that secrete sebum which protects us from ageing triggers.

Mistake no. 1 focuses on limiting skin care to the face area – even if you get rid of all face lines and make your skin as smooth as baby’s skin, I’ll know how old you are anyway. Because of your neck, chest and hands, or the skin parts that we often skip in daily care.

Follow an extensive skin care routine – 5 rules

My wonderful ladies, you won’t look younger if you consider only your face in skin care, let alone using just makeup products. As young women, we should care for the entire body skin. How to get round to it?

  1. Drinking water regularly is a must, around two litres a day.
  2. Fruit, veggies and sprouts, rich in valuable fatty acids, make a good choice.
  3. Going to sleep without removing makeup and cleansing skin is forbidden.
  4. Avoiding regular and long sunbathing is necessary.
  5. Quitting smoking and other habits is a must-do.

Proper Skin Care Routine is the Foundation

How to care for ageing skin? Already after turning 25, we should start introducing mild anti-ageing products to daily routine. Before you turn 30, the production of collagen and elastin is decreased, causing loss of suppleness. It is a slow process yet we should try to make it even slower.

Anti-ageing moisturisers, rich in coenzyme Q10, collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and peptides, are worth choosing.

Massage your way to youthfulness!

Underrating the benefits of a massage is a common mistake. Applying a moisturiser gives worse effects than tapping it in precisely and massaging face using circular motions. It’s really simple.

The massage improves the flow of lymph and blood. It is an obvious thing that increased blood circulation means healthier skin. Blood system plays an important role transporting nutrients straight to body cells. The better the blood flow, the healthier the skin.

You don’t need any extra accessories for the massage.

Rejuvenating make-up – throw out dark colours

If I write about the things we do wrong and the things that make us look older, I must mention… make-up. There’s one observation I need to bring up: we don’t know how to apply make-up to look natural, beautiful and young.

Anti-ageing make-up focuses on light colours, natural beige and browns, delicate peach shades, powdery rose and raspberry red. All dark colours (black, gray, navy blue, claret, aubergine) are going to make you look older. Ill-matched foundation, red lipstick and pearl eyeshadow will do the same.

Under eye dark circles & puffiness? Nope!

Youthfulness means freshness, energy, shine. Dark under eye circles take that away and give us a sleepless night look. An older look than you’d wish for.

Let’s get rid of unaesthetic eye puffiness if we desire to look youthful and lively. I have my tried and tested ways to make it happen. Of course, apart from a full-coverage concealer which easily camouflages all signs of tiredness. My favourite home remedies for puffy eyes and dark circles:

  • cold spoons to de-puff the eyes;
  • a slightly warm tea bag compress;
  • chilled, fresh cucumber;
  • raw potato pulp.

Key thing: how diet affects skin

What we eat matters a lot. You can’t have a healthy, radiant, supple skin if your diet abounds in processed food, preservatives and artificial colourants, you eat in a hurry, your meals are irregular and too big…

Want to look young? Eat healthily!

A well-balanced diet is the basis. Lots of vegetables, cereal and dairy products. Veggies should make up the biggest part of each meal; meat and fats should come in smaller amounts. What’s more, instead of sweets and salty snacks, you’d better invest in plain yogurts, fruit, fresh vegetables, nuts and dried fruit. Recommend it!


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