How to get this lovely blush? Give a go to Air Blush by Marc Jacobs


No doubt, blushes will always be lovely, no matter if they are natural or if they were created thanks to a colour cosmetic. I love both versions of this truly feminine attributes. Whereas the former may come into existence at any situation, the latter needs our help to appear on our face. And this is why you may want to use Air Blush by Marc Jacobs.

Air Blush – blusher as light as air?

This blusher by Marc Jacobs has a delicate formula and provides subtle highlighting. This product adds freshness to skin and makes skin appear to be radiant and vigorous every day. Air Blush can be used to contour face, bring out beauty of complexion and also to… do eye make-up. Two shades of the blusher will help you obtain natural effect without smudges and visible lines between colour cosmetics (if not blended properly). The creamy formula of the product by Marc Jacobs facilitates blending and application, thanks to this, make-up is done in the nick of time and looks really natural.

How to apply Air Blush by Marc Jacobs?

The good news is that there are plenty of tips concerning application of the blusher on the official website of the brand. You can find there some basic rules dedicated to both for the beginners and advanced make-up artists. However, if I were to give you advice, I would tell you to apply Air Blush using a cut at angle brush while standing in a well-lit room. Moreover, as I’ve already mentioned it above, Air Blush can be used to contour face (a technique known as draping). If you would like to give a go to this method, use both shades separately: apply the brighter shade to the face parts you would like to emphasize and the darker shade to the face parts that need camouflage.

Air Blush by Marc Jacobs – summary

Air Blush by Marc Jacobs is sold in a compact click-top coffered. Inside, there is a mirror thanks to which you will be able to apply touch-ups when not at home. A single blusher combines two shades or bronzers. The brand offers five combos: Creamsicle/Deep Tangerine, Petal Pink/Orchid Pink, Pale Petal/Peachy, Ivory Shimmer/Goddess Bronze as well as Cherry/Deep Plum.

Have you already used a blusher to contour your face?


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