How do I help my make-up stay flawless? My secret is Touche Eclat Blur Primer by Yves Saint Laurent


I just can’t apply make-up without putting on a primer first. Well, OK… I said this… It’s my cosmetic must-have. It’s a kind of my habit that before going shopping I always check whether I’m not running out of this beauty product. During my latest browsing the perfumery shelves, it was Yves Saint Laurent, Touch Eclat Blur that came to hand. Since this very moment I have never parted with this primer.

Why did I choose Touch Eclat Blur by YSL?

To be honest, I have a penchant for using YSL products. Hence, it couldn’t be otherwise, I had to get Yves Saint Laurent make-up primer as well. It looks perfect when standing next to the foundation, concealer and eyeshadows on my dressing table. This glass bottle featuring atomizer does really impress. Naturally, I didn’t buy the primer only because of its appearance but because of the features it has. Touch Eclat Blur by YSL is really good.

What is YSL primer good at?

Firstly, it smooths skin surface and facilitates putting on a foundation. Owning to the primer’s features, applying make-up occupies just a few seconds, not more. Secondly, Touch Eclat Blur highlights complexion and hides minor imperfections. Under a thin coat of the primer all discolorations and dark circles under eyes disappear, wrinkles becomes less visible. Thirdly, primer makes skin more nourished. This cosmetic contains natural ingredients: maze seed oil, apricot seed oil, rice bran oil, passion fruit oil. Fourthly, and the most importantly, Touch Eclat Blur by Yves Saint Laurent helps a foundation remain on skin longer and provides truly natural look.

How do I apply Touch Eclat Blur by YSL?

Naturally, I apply Touch Eclat Blur to make my foundation look better. Just one pump of the primer is enough to coat the entire face. In most cases I use my fingers to tap the cosmetic into my complexion, yet sometimes I reach for a soft make-up blender as well. I leave it alone for a few minutes to let it get absorbed by skin and then I start applying make-up. What I like about this product is the fact that Yves Saint Lauren primer can be used as an individual cosmetic. It provides face skin with freshness and highlights it.

Do you know Touche Eclat Blur Primer by Yves Saint Laurent?


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