Galaxy hair – some bits of advice for hair… from out of space

Instagram was taken over by the new trend. Have you heard about galaxy hair yet? If not, you have to check out how courageous and original look hair in colours of… space. If you happen to browse some pictures of the galaxy from time to time and you are just amazed by its colours — galaxy hair is something for you! Galaxy hair looks like a colourful nebula — here you go! This summer will be cosmic.

Let me give you some bits of advice on how and with what dye your hair to delight the entire universe.

Galaxy — what colours does cosmos like?

Nebula inspired hair is in colours of navy blue, violet, turquoise, pink or fuchsia. This is the perfect option for combining these colours and dye your hair to create an effective cascade.

Galaxy hair — how and with what should you do it?

Obviously, the best solution would be to visit professional hairdresser or stylist to match the right colours. It is option significantly beneficial for the girls with dark or black hair. Blondes do not have to worry that they could not achieve the “galactic” shade.

Another great solution will be to try semi-permanent colours. The bold and vivid galactic colours are available in an offer of many brands. Personally, I like the L’Oreal Colorista. Pay attention to the colours such as Burgundy and Pinkhair or Dirtypink and Turquoise. These colours by L’Oreal I like the most and I get the impression as these are highly pigmented. The good news is that all Colorista products last on hair for about two weeks and are washed down nicely.

However, if two weeks is too long for you and for everyday life you prefer classic tones, but for the weekends you’d try some galactic look — try colouring spray (here the best is also L’Oreal — in its offer has almost all colours of the nebula and you can easily find colours that will match your taste and skin complexion).

Good luck with your cosmic adventure towards beautiful hair 🙂


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