We Will Never Split Up! My Beloved Beauty Products

I guess none of us knows how many beauty products we actually should use. Do we really need all those firming lotions for legs, belly and breasts? Maybe, a hand lotion works also as a foot cream? Nevertheless, every girl should have a list of tried&tested products. Read on to check mine!

Makeup Removing Milk

Irreplaceable during every makeup removal. Bourjois cosmetic is my favorite – effectively removes colored cosmetics, sebum, dirt and sweat. Moreover, it hydrates, smoothes and nourishes my skin. What would happen if I didn’t use the makeup removal milk? Acne, irritations, blackheads and other blemishes guaranteed. Remember, girls, to take makeup off every evening, cleanse the skin and choose products that meet the needs of your skin type.

Day and Night Facial Cream

Not a caprice. I know someone might say ‘isn’t one cream enough?’. The truth is that a day cream has a light consistency so it works as a perfect makeup base. A night cream is rich and abounds in ingredients that care for the skin while we are asleep. In my beauty bag, I keep Dr Irena Eris Clinic Way Day and Night Creams.

Under-Eye Cream

Some of you will say that an under-eye cream is women’s another caprice. In fact, this product has completely different properties than a day and night cream. It moisturises, soothes, cools and provides oxygen. The cream reduces swelling, smoothes fine lines and de-emphasizes dark circles around the eyes. My favorite? Clinique All About Eyes. I use it every evening and love it.


It protects from cold and heat, sunlight, frosty wind and dryness. I usually use clear moisturising lipsticks but when I go out, colorful ones come in action. Avene Cold Cream is my choice. Such lipsticks contain lots of vitamins and deliver amazing skin benefits.

Body Lotion

Brilliant after a shower or bath. My body balm – Neutrogena – is great at moisturising, smoothing and nourishing. It has a lightweight consistency so it is easy to apply, quickly absorbed and doesn’t leave greasy spots. Stunner!

What are your favorite beauty products? 


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