My Beauty Tips: Game-Changing Make-Up Tricks to Know!

I am a make-up junkie!

Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that my skin doesn’t look its best despite my efforts and daily skincare routine. There are some tried and trusted tricks I use in emergencies and create lovely make-up in a jiffy. In the post I share simple tips for flawless make-up, making each one of you look and feel beautiful.

Get to skin care first!

You can have the best cosmetics, the most expensive products, Instagram-backed mascara but your make-up won’t look good if your skin isn’t well-taken care of.

Daily skin care is the base for flawless make-up. Moisturizer, serum for smoothing the fine lines or natural oil which soothes irritated skin and controls oil secretion – each one is important and helps. Just remember to match the products to the needs of your complexion. If it’s dry, focus on moisturizing. If it’s acne-prone, go for detox and cleansing, etc.

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If your complexion lacks moisture and is dry, dull and coarse, rub some oil – e.g. almond, raspberry, argan or jojoba – into the skin before applying make-up. Oil works as a smoothing and nourishing make-up primer.

Eyes are the secret to lovely make-up

Hypnotizing eyes are essential for make-up that stuns. The good choice of eyeshadow color, mascara or eyeliner enhance our facial features and make the face look lovely.

I’ve got two eye make-up tips to share.

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Use a white pencil to brighten the eyes (apply it on the lower waterline). This is an easy way to make the eyes appear bigger and get the doe-eyed look.

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Make-up doesn’t exist without thickening the eyelashes. Mascara alone doesn’t always work out so why don’t you use a trick? Apply the first mascara coating, sprinkle some loose powder on the lashes, and apply the second layer. You are going to love the effect.

Kissable lips ARE NOT dry lips!

The thing that we tend to forget while it has a huge impact on the final effect. The most beautiful make-up will be spoilt if your lips are dry and ragged.

The suitable lip care (lip balm, nourishing lipstick, petroleum jelly) is essential to boast lovely, juicy lips. Make-up is the other step (lipstick, tint, etc).

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Before lip make-up, exfoliate the dead cells fast: mix teaspoon of sugar and honey, apply the blend on the lips and massage them for a minute. Sugar will remove dead epidermis while honey is a brilliant moisturizer!


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