Meet new natural cosmetics straight from France: Boho Green Make-up


Many girls consider natural cosmetics as the best and safest ones. Boho Green Make-up cosmetics has just joined the group of these products. The cosmetics maniacs will be able to see if these are good too. I have already done it. If you are interested in the result of my test, keep on reading.

Boho Green Make-up natural cosmetics 

The new line of cosmetics of this French brand was inspired by the boho style, natural ingredients and colours coming directly from Mother Nature. It is most visible by the packaging and components. The products have been made of from apricot kernel oil, waxes, cornstarch, squalene, mica, titanium dioxide and iron oxide. The product packaging is partly made of wood; decorated with the brand’s logo – a white flower. Boho Green Make-up cosmetics comprise both natural as well as extravagant shades. Each of you will find something suitable for yourselves.

What cosmetics are in the Boho Green Make-up range?

Boho Green Make-up offers a range of face makeup cosmetics. They include: foundations, pressed powders, cheek blushes, correcting sticks, lipsticks, eye pencils, lip liners, eyebrow sets, eyeliners, mascaras and eyeshadows. When it comes to the manicure, you can choose from blue, pink, red, green, grey, beige, brown, black and white colours of nail polishes.

Boho Green Make-up cares for the environment

The concern for the environment of this French brand is expressed not only by the ingredients. The packaging is produced so that it can be disposed of. This relates to the cardboard boxes, glass bottles with nail polishes, wooden caps and even shop furniture. Boho Green Make-up products are not animal tested and hold the Cosmebio certificate. For people with sensitive skin – cosmetics just on point!


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