Lip stain as durable as tattoo? Yes, but only with Tatouage Couture by Yves Saint Laurent


Do you know what grinds my gears when it comes to make-up? It happens when my lipstick is fast to ‘eat up’, when it stains glasses or when it wears off throughout a day. Fortunately, Tatouage Couture by Yves Saint Laurent is different. It delivers the effect that can be compared to a tattoo ink. And how does it look like when applied to lips?

How to extend lifespan of a lipstick?

So far I’ve been exerting myself to help a lipstick stay on my lips longer; I wanted it to remain on my mouth for just a few hours more. I used to apply a primer or a foundation to my lip skin. The effects weren’t so stunning. When the primer or foundation weren’t of the highest quality, the lipstick hadn’t got any chance to look good. Peeling and moisturisation delivered to lips didn’t help much, as well. These treatments were to improve condition of my lips: they smoothed my lips, exfoliated dead epidermis cells and made my lips fuller. Of course, I have to mention one of the biggest mistakes I used to do, which is applying conditioning lip balms before putting on a lipstick. Why is it a mistake? The first cosmetic caked due to high temperature and even due to being in contact with warm tea. The second in turn ran down, the colour faded away and the make-up looked just abysmal.

How about Tatouage Couture by Yves Saint Laurent?

New lip stains by YSL are one of the most pigmented that I’ve ever used. They deliver intensive… and durable effect. Of course, it’s obvious that if you keep licking the lips or bite them constantly, or when you sit with a glass stuck to your mouth then the lip stain will eat up itself. Quite an advantage of Tatouage Couture is that you don’t have to apply any tricks which are to extend the product’s lifespan. Application is also easy. YSL lip stains have a precise sponge-applicator thanks to which they evenly distribute the colour, providing flawless make-up.

How to apply Tatouage Couture by Yves Saint Laurent?

Before you proceed with lip make-up, you have to decide which shade you want to wear. And there are 22 of them! My favourite are light pinks and coral as well as classic reds. I’m not fond of oranges and very dark shades because I consider myself looking weird wearing them. Besides, I don’t find them suitable for all occasions. I won’t cover my lips with eccentric orange when I’m about to leave my home to work. So, let’s get straight to the point. How to apply Tatouage Couture? The sponge is so soft that putting on this beauty product is sheer pleasure. The lip stains have runny consistency and provide matte finish. Just distribute the colour all over your lips and the make-up will look out-of-this-world.

Have you ever used new lip stain Tatouage Couture by Yves Saint Laurent?


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