How to Take Care of Hair? Daily Routine, Haircuts & Products


Haircare is as important as skincare. After all, it is one of the attributes of femininity. That’s why I’ll tell you how to care for curly, straight, fine and thick hair. Enjoy reading!

Curly hair 

Many hairdressers define curly hair as dry, dull and damaged. Wash curly hair with a repairing shampoo; next, apply a mask or conditioner. Rinse the cosmetic out after 20 minutes. Use hair oils before and after every wash routine. Apply them to dry or wet strands, before or right after blow-drying. Oils will restore shine and softness in your hair. Trimming ends is as crucial; do it once a month. If your hair isn’t thick, you should have it cut straight. Apply styling products to damp hair and let it dry.

Fine hair  

Volume-less and fine hair must be washed daily to avoid oily scalp and dandruff. Use polymer-enriched conditioners for body boost. Remember about leave-in products to protect hair ends. Short or middle-length cut works for fine hair as it adds thickness. Baleyage – different shades of hair – delivers similar effects. Blow dry your hair with head down for volume boost.

Straight hair  

Use a shampoo for oily roots and dry ends. Additionally, apply repairing and strengthening cosmetics for hair tips e.g. oils or nutrient-rich serums. If you’re going to visit a hair salon, go wild! Every haircut goes with straight hair. Go for a long bob or straight classic cut. Use a liquid silk in everyday care for shine-boosting and smoothness as well as hair end protection from splitting.

Thick hair  

Wash hair with a conditioner from time to time. Use masks enriched with keratin, Shea butter and vegetable oils. Avoid products that include alcohol and add volume. Ask your hairdresser for a root-lifting haircut. Forget about bob or other short cuts. If your hair is static and frizzy, apply a heat protectant before blow-dry and styling routine. Try out smoothing oils, applying them to wet or dry hair.


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