How to Make Eyes Look Bigger using Make-Up? I’ve Mastered That!

I can finally share this guide with you. How to apply make-up that makes your eyes look bigger? I’ve already mastered all tricks, tested them, ready to pass them on. Curious what I’ve learned while trying to define my eyes with make-up?

Statistically, most women like their eye shape and size. We try to define them using make-up. What are the most common mistakes we make?

  1. We wrongly match a concealer so dark under-eye circles take away radiance and beauty.
  2. We smear upper and lower eyelids with mascara.
  3. We apply one-color eyeshadow on the entire eyelid, making the eye look smaller.
  4. We forget that the eyeshadow should contrast the iris.
  5. We apply too much of the product to the lower eyelids, making make-up look heavier.
  6. We forget to use pearl and glittery eyeshadow just for enhancement, in small amounts.
  7. We don’t know how to apply eyebrow make-up and define the brows.
  8. We apply too much of the eyeliner.
  9. We define upper and lower eyelids using a black pencil.

Time to catch up. I’m bringing a handful of tips on how to make eyes look bigger with make-up and I hope you’ll make use of the info. I really believe you’ll take your make-up to the next level!

How to apply eye-enlarging make-up?

There are two schools – quick and advanced. Try making eyes appear bigger using the first way. If you’re not satisfied with the effects, you can test the other method as well. It requires some more skills.

Make your eyes look bigger with make-up – technique 1

Apply a beige eyeshadow along the eyelid. Use a black or dark brown eyeliner, stretching it from the middle of the eye to the outer corner. Smooth a bit of the dark eyeshadow on the outer corner and rub it above the upper eyelid crease. Enhance the eyes with a volumizing mascara.

Make your eyes look bigger with make-up – technique 2

Start with the brows to get a beautiful eye frame. Shape them and fill them in using an eyeshadow or a pencil, use a comb and fix the effect with a brow gel. Apply an eyeshadow base to even out the skin tone plus smooth the right concealer under the eyes to hide dark circles. Use a delicate light beige eyeshadow as a base. Apply a slightly darker eyeshadow, working from the middle of the eye to the outer corner. Use dark brown for the outer corner and smudge it above the crease as well. In the inner corner, use a very light beige to get the contrast and add definition to the eyes. Use a black eyeliner for the upper lash line – move from the middle to the outer corner. The further you go, the thicker the line gets. If you know how to do the winged eyeliner, go for it to enhance the eyes. Define the water line with a white pencil for even bigger-looking eyes. Use a lash curler and mascara. For a bolder effect, apply two coats.

Which technique is more appealing?

Making eyes look bigger with make-up isn’t that hard!

You must admit that these steps seem quite simple and straightforward. I believe that every girl having minimum skills will be able to turn her looks around using these easy hacks. Obviously, eye-enlarging make-up doesn’t need to focus on brown and beige colors. We can use for instance golden shades to illuminate the center of the eyelid. The rule is simple: light shadow for the inner corners, dark colors for the outer corners.

How to check if you’re doing it right?

Mirrors tend to deform reality. It’s hard to tell if our make-up efforts paid off. No worries! There’s a simple patent.

Apply make-up to one of the eyes as you always do. Take your favorite products and apply them as you do on a daily basis. Then, move on to the other eye – follow my tips for making eyes look larger. Finally, taken a look at both eyes. You’ll surely spot a better-looking one at once.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you!


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