How I Care for Facial Skin? My Tried&Tested Methods

Hi, girls! 

Skin care is not so easy. Cosmetics, care and makeup gadgets, beauty salon visits, UV protection… Quite a lot… Luckily, my method is completely different. Check what to do if you want to become skin care minimalists and masters.

My Beauty Routine

  1. Let’s start with… drinks. I drink water with lemon juice a few times a week. Such a cocktail effectively purifies the body, brightens skin and most of all – delivers a huge dose of vitamin C. I sometimes have vitamin and micronutrient rich cocktails during breakfast; they make my skin and hair truly beautiful and healthy.
  2. Facial masks are among my favourite beauty products. I usually buy them online but recently I’ve started using natural ingredients and making home masks. For example, I use aloe, honey, spices, yoghurt and many other products in the kitchen. I apply a DIY mask to the skin of face, neck and neckline and leave it in for about 30 minutes. Next, I rinse it out with tepid water.
  3. I do an exfoliating scrub twice a week. I use drugstore or DIY products. I love salt, sugar and coffee-grounds scrubs and sometimes enrich them with oils, lemon juice or aloe gel. Removing dead skin cells speeds up skin repair, increases blood flow, purifies skin pores and helps the ingredients of masks and creams absorb.
  4. I moisturise the skin every day. Creams and balms are essential in my skin care. I use a lightweight SPF-enriched cream during the day whereas in the evening I apply rich, deeply moisturising products. I massage the skin while applying them to smooth wrinkles, firm the skin up and reduce shadows and swellings.

My Skin Care Secrets

Not only cosmetics gift my skin with healthy and beautiful looks. Every day, I eat fruit and vegetables, drink a lot of still water and avoid processed food, fast food, sweets and salty snacks. I go to the gym four times a week and often run and ride a bike. I sleep eight or more hours. And… I’m always in a good mood!


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