Eyebrow make-up with Dipbrow Pomade od Anastasia Beverly Hills? Cakewalk!


Eyebrow make-up is very important for me. Thanks to it, my face appears to be completely different and eyes win this pretty and natural-looking framing. This effect is possible thanks to a cosmetic by Anastasia Beverly Hills, Dipbrow Pomade. If you want to know how to apply this kind of eye-enhancing make-up, read my entry.

Who is Dipbrow Pomade by ABH made for?

I would suggest giving a go to Dipbrow Pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills by all girls who have gaps in they eyebrows, or lose the entire eyebrows as a consequence of undergoing a disease or removing too much of hair while shaping the eyebrows. I can ensure you that this cosmetic doesn’t have any problems with filling all the gaps so as to obtain pretty look of brow bone. Dipbrow Pomade is available in 11 shades that match various kinds of complexions and hair colours. I think that this product will satisfy both professional make-up artists as well as amateurs of colour cosmetics.

What are the features of ABH Dipbrow Pomade?

Dipbrow Pomade consistency is dense, yet I wouldn’t say that this cosmetic is hard to apply. I find it easy to distribute along my brow bones. Moreover, this product is well-pigmented, thanks to which, the final effect can be described as well-defined and natural. I need to tell you that this cosmetic gets dry almost immediately when applied, doesn’t stain skin around eyebrows and its lifespan is truly satisfying. When it comes to removal, you can use just a regular lotion or any other make-up remover. Last but not least, this ABH cosmetic blends well with a foundation, a concealer, a powder as well as any other colour cosmetics.

How to apply Dipbrow Pomade?

The easiest way to apply Dipbrow Pomade by ABH is by using an angled and flat brush. Naturally, you need to gather just a small quantity of the cosmetic and put it on the base of brow bone and then smudge delicately. Next, by applying short brush strokes you have to draw tiny skew lines that imitate eyebrow hair. Every another layer gifts them with extra definition. Of course, bear in mind that strong eye make-up (including eyebrows) suits delicate lip make-up; and this rule works the other way round as well. Heavy lip make-up suits delicate eye make-up (and it doesn’t mean that you can’t use Dipbrow Pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills if you cated your lips with a vivid colour).


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