Electric facial cleansing brush – My opinion

Facial cleansing brush can be either manual or electric. This accessory is gaining in popularity because it allows to perform precise make-up removal and deep skin pores cleansing. Thanks to this, face skin wins healthy shine and the active substances of face creams penetrate skin deeper and faster and, as a consequence, they nourish it better. Moreover, massage done with the use of a brush helps exfoliate dead epidermis cells and stimulates blood circulation. What are the pluses and minuses of electric facial brush, and what are the contraindications to its regular use? Here is my personal opinion concerning electric facial brush.

Electric facial cleansing brush – Pluses

Electric facial cleansing brush originates from the USA but it won the worldwide popularity almost overnight. Moving from manual facial brush to electric one can be compared to moving from a manual toothbrush to an electric toothbrush – once we do this, it becomes hard to imagine getting back to the old method. Taking into consideration the calculations of the producers, electric facial brush works even six times more effectively than washing face using hand only. This device uses sonic technology owing to which the brush is able to perform up to three hundred oscillatory motions per second. Therefore, it effectively removes make-up residues as well as impurities and sebum form face. Also, it is able to cleanse skin pores really deep.

Electric facial cleansing brush – Minuses

Firstly, there are no scientific proofs which confirm long-lasting use of electric facial cleansing brush. Secondly, since such devices deliver rather intensive action, at the beginning of using it you have to be aware that all the impurities will emerge to the skin surface. Another disadvantage of electric facial brushes is their high price to which you have to add the cost of the heads changing. Such change must be done once per 3 weeks. Last but not least, each skin is different so electric brush won’t serve each woman equally well.

Electric facial cleansing brush – Contraindications to using

Contraindications to using electric facial cleansing brush are some skin types and ailments that affect face skin. These are:

  • couperose skin,
  • atopic-prone skin,
  • dry and reddened skin,
  • seborrhoecic dermatitis,
  • inflammation of follicles,
  • itchiness,
  • eczema,
  • allergy,
  • injuries and skin damages.

How to use electric facial cleansing brush?

Before you use electric brush you have to remove your eye make-up because the device won’t do this for you, sadly. Then, apply a small amount of a cleansing cosmetic to your damp face, turn on the electric brush and start applying circular motions with it. Don’t press the brush too hard because this will slow down its motions and negatively influence the effects of the procedure. The cleansing itself should last approximately one minute. However, if your skin is sensitive or if you are just starting the journey with electric facial brush, turn it on for 30 seconds only. Last but not least, this beauty gadget doesn’t have to be used on face only – you can make the neck and cleavage clean with it as well.

How often should electric facial cleansing brush be used?

If your face skin is healthy, you can freely use electric facial cleansing brush once a week – then, it’ll work as a face scrub. Mind you, if used more often than that, it may disturb the natural protective lipid barrier of skin which in the long run might significantly irritate and even damage skin as well as cause acne and pustular eczema. For that reason, use electric facial cleansing brush in moderation. Turn the device on only when you find it really necessary.

How to keep electric facial cleansing brush clean?

After carrying out the procedure with the use of electric facial cleansing brush, lay it on a towel and keep it there for a few seconds. Also, wash the brush once a week using warm water and soap. The head uses up in 3 months – then you have to replace it with a new one.

Electric facial cleansing brush – Effects

Electric facial cleansing brush provides deep skin cleaning, and this means that it:

  • makes skin pores clean;
  • combats skin imperfections;
  • deals with dry skin patches;
  • delays skin ageing processes;
  • leaves face skin with radiant and fresh look.

In order to confirm the effectivity of electric facial cleansing brush use, there were a few fluorescent make-up tests ran. The results were shown in the form pictures taken with the use of an infrared radiation lamp where it can be seen that electric facial cleansing brush removes impurities incomparably better than any manual form of skin cleaning.

Personally, I’m highly satisfied with this method of face skin cleaning, and I totally recommend it to everyone. I notice the first effects after 3 weeks of use, so after three treatments.

Have you ever used electric facial cleansing brush? If so, were you satisfied with the outcomes? Share your thoughts below!


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