ChiodoPRO Iluminous – hybrid nail polish that glows in the dark

Do you know what nails are the trend of past months?

It is still about the hybrids, but in a new edition because glowing in the dark. In my opinion, the solution is super interesting because during the day it looks like a totally normal, colourful nail polish, but in the night it presents its beauty and uniqueness.

The perfect solution for working day and at the same time for the party in the evening. People who live a party life will appreciate it as well. Glowing in the dark hybrids in the club look stunning and present themselves in the full potential. And if in the morning you go to work/school, you do not have to remove your nail polish in the hurry so that during the day they look ordinary.

Where can you get glowing in the dark hybrid?

Usually, you can find a standard nail polish that glows in the dark. However, as you know these slowly being forgotten. Their place was taken by long-lasting and convenient hybrid manicure. For a long time, I was looking for a brand that has in its offer glowing hybrid nail polish. Almost no one has decided on introducing such nail polish line. None beside one brand. It is the brand I’d like to talk about in this post!

ChiodoPRO Iluminous

What can I say about those nail polishes? I have no greater problem with the fact that these aren’t nail polishes by Semilac or NeoNail*.

* I know there are people fixed on just the two brands and believe the rest is worse — stupidity

In general, these nail polishes have worse cover than other in the ChiodoPRO collection, but the use of a base, two layers and a top is enough. In other words, it is a standard we got used to with first hybrid nail polishes, that hit the market. Obviously, now the coverage is better, but the application of two layers will not take a lot of time. Especially when you have to first apply a colour of choice and then the product that glows in the dark.

ChiodoPRO Iluminous collection is 13 beautiful, lively, trendy colours. I fell in love with the mint 763 (Marine), lime 762 (Lime Twist) and subtle pink 765 (Party On). The most colours in this collection are shades of orange and pink, but there is also something for the fans of green. Check out and perhaps you will find ChiodoPRO Iluminous party look for yourselves 🙂


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