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We Will Never Split Up! My Beloved Beauty Products

I guess none of us knows how many beauty products we actually should use. Do we really need all those firming lotions for legs, belly and breasts? Maybe, a hand lotion works also as a foot cream? Nevertheless, every girl should have a list of tried&tested products. Read on to check mine! Makeup Removing Milk

Anti-Guide – How NOT to Treat Your Skin?

A lot has been said about the facial and sensitive skin around eyes care. Sadly, there is not much info on the things our skin DISLIKES. We often face up to a beauty paradox and our skin goes crazy: we provide it with a good moisture boost and then go to sleep with full makeup…

How I Care for Facial Skin? My Tried&Tested Methods

Hi, girls!  Skin care is not so easy. Cosmetics, care and makeup gadgets, beauty salon visits, UV protection… Quite a lot… Luckily, my method is completely different. Check what to do if you want to become skin care minimalists and masters. My Beauty Routine Let’s start with… drinks. I drink water with lemon juice a

Acne at age 30 – causes and my reliable methods to fight adult acne

Acne has stopped being associated only with adolescents. Unfortunately. Pimples, blackheads, blemishes are a threat even to people after 30 years of age. Adult acne differs in terms of location and its type: instead of blackheads, hard subcutaneous papules appear, which gain pus and cause inflammation. What’s more, acne at the age of 30 often

Retinol – what is it and what is its role?

Hello! It is very popular and effective, often used in the field of cosmetology and dermatology. It has a universal effect, which makes it one of the best substances in skin care and treatment of various dermatological conditions. What are we talking about? It is, of course, retinol. How do you use it and what effects

What are the best herbs to beat acne?

Stress, inappropriate diet, hormonal imbalance – those and other factors have an influence on the condition of our skin. If you’re struggling with difficult-to-heal acne, try out my favorite methods! I have been recently role-playing a herbalist and started preparing my own healthful recipes. I guess I got inspired by the books I’ve recently read.

Skin Care in AC Office – 5 Easy Steps!

The middle of the summer, scorching heat… air-con everywhere. Not only in offices but also at stores, banks, etc. It makes us feel comfy when there are extreme temperatures outside. Just mind AC is a mixed blessing. Even though the air in AC rooms is cool and nice, it makes the skin very dry and

Eye serum vs eye cream – which is better?

Hello, my darlings. I know most of you don’t bother with skin care around eyes, though — perhaps right now also many of you felt anxious — from the moment you reach 25 years you should “take a closer look” and delve into the subject a little more because more or less at this time

Which Products to Use for Autumn Beauty Bath?

Taking a bath can be relaxing, especially if we add our favorite products and spend more time in the tub. If you’re also bothered by longer and colder evenings, check how to boost the mood and prepare a nice bath. PUMPKIN It’s a definitely ‘autumn’ vegetable. A pumpkin has skin repairing, moisturising and tightening power.

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