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How to Choose & Apply False Lashes?

Hi, there! Did you want to have false eyelashes but didn’t know which ones to choose and how to put them on? It’s simple. Read on to find all essential info. I guarantee – makeup with fake lashes will be your favorite. Let’s choose false eyelashes The type of fake lashes depends on the occasion,

Does natural mean better? Let’s test out mineral cosmetics

Hello! It is said that whatever comes from the Mother Nature, is hundred times better than the products developed in labs. Because it is close to our body, because it does not contain artificial substances, because it can not cause allergies. Does it apply to mineral cosmetics a well? Let’s check it out together. Human


Hey! Are you looking for reliable opinions about cosmetics? Maybe you need some practical advice on the issue of care? I'm Olga and I’ll be more than happy to help. Everything you are looking for is on this blog. Have a look!

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