Strong fingernails? You can take care of them in a natural way!


today I’m coming to you with a mini-guide discussing the issue of fingernail care. You frequently pepper me with questions concerning one problem. In short, your messages look like this: ‘My fingernails are weak and damaged. I don’t know how should I help them.’ Here I come to the rescue!

Damaged and weak fingernails – reasons

What do negatively influence the state of your fingernails? Oh, I could keep enumerating these factors responsible for ruining the state of our nail plates for hours. Frequently, these are various ailments, genetic predispositions or changes connected with, for example, weather. However, I’m going to focus on the most important issues that we can deal with.

These factors ruin your fingernails:

  • frequent contact with detergents, for example, during cleaning-up;
  • fingernail extension and acryl wearing for several months in a row, without a break;
  • the use of nail polishes removers containing acetone;
  • filing the nails down by applying various directions, the use of metal files;
  • refraining from using base coats;
  • poor fingernail care, for example, refraining from applying nail conditioners.

Don’t do this (↑) to your fingernails! They will say ‘thank you’ with their beautiful looks.

Methods to strenghten fingernails 

If our fingerplate is already weakened, limiting exposition to the damaging factors won’t do much. Totally essential is an intensive regenerating procedure and nourishment thanks to which your fingernails will regain their strength. Here are my methods of obtaining healthy and beautiful fingernails.

  • Nourishing bath for fingernails
    A natural fingernail conditioner is the well-known olive oil (of a high quality!). This olive oil bath will provide our fingernails with nourishment, moisturisation and reinforcement they are carving for. In order to strengthen, increase elasticity, highlight and deliver gloss to the fingerplates, it’s advisable to add either lemon juice or gelatine to the olive oil. Warm up the oil, dissolve there the gelatine and add lemon juice. Next, put your fingernails into the bath and keep them there for 15-20 minutes. What a simple and effective method, isn’t it?
  • Oil fingernail treatment
    Another way of healing up your fingernails with oils is guaranteed by the oil treatment. Therefore, if you want to strengthen your fingerplates, it’s worth rubbing into them natural oils the same way you rub the oils into your scalp. My favourite oils that I apply to fingernails are: castor oil, almond oil, argan oil and jojoba oil. Basically, you can choose to use just one oil or make your own, homemade blend of oils that will reinforce your fingernails.

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