New Dimension of Skin Care – Exfoliating Pads Effects

Latest beauty products! I know you love them. For women who are crazy about cosmetics, there is nothing better than testing new products or tricks. I also adore new care methods and really enjoy sharing them with you on the blog. I think you like it as well.

My Cosmetoholics!

I want you to meet face skin exfoliating pads. They are loved by women around the world. It’s mainly thanks to Kylie Jenner who revealed that Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads are her favourite beauty products. Although I haven’t tested them, let me tell you generally about this type of cosmetics. What are the benefits? Do they conceal any downsides?


If you take a closer look at the drugstore shelves or online shops, you will see that exfoliating pads are not such a novelty. They have been offered by many brands for years yet by the less known ones. This skin care method gained its popularity when Korean Neogen launched its facial exfoliating pads.

What is the advantage of such a solution? Why are the exfoliating pads worth using? To me, they are very comfortable for a few reasons.

You need no water – they are soaked in a concentrated serum rich in active ingredients that have exfoliating properties (also lactic acid).

They are designed for single use, which is an ideal solution for me and other women – you take a pad, use, throw it away and that’s it.

My Opinion:

I think exfoliating pads make a very interesting choice yet only for those who can afford it. You pay much more than for regular cotton pads, and you must throw them away after one use. On the other hand, there are many pads in one packaging, which makes them good value for money.

My Favourites:

  1. Neogen Bio-Peel, exfoliating pads that have a taste of wine;
  2. Rodal Glamoxy, facial exfoliating pads.

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