Nanobrow – Eyebrow Serum Brief Review

How can you add volume to your brows?

Girls usually go for semi-permanent eyebrow makeup; after all, there aren’t many possibilities in comparison to eyelashes (e.g. there are no eyebrow extensions). Next to semi-permanent solutions, there are brow pomades, tints, pencils giving a temporary effect and natural oils which don’t seem to do much.

Luckily, there’s an easier way to achieve something in the brow area – all you need is Nanobrow Serum, or a set of nutrients which nourish and regenerate your brows, making them look their best.

Why do I need an eyebrow serum?

You can either spend time thinking about it and writing down all pros and cons or read this review, get a product and test it on your own brows.

Eyebrow serums aren’t as popular as enhancers accelerating lash growth. When it comes to brow conditioners, boosting growth isn’t the key thing. It’s more about the volume, colour and thickness. A good brow serum is designed to enhance your brows, not to make them bush-like. Not many people come up with an idea for beautifying through nourishing – healthier brows are thicker, shinier and better looking.

Instead of camouflaging the problem of thin, barely-there brows – let’s solve it.


Why I’ve given Nanobrow a shot?

It’s simply the best eyebrow enhancer you can get. A precise applicator, efficient and lightweight formula, well-suited ingredients, smooth application, plus online purchase available.


It looks really cool. It is a tasteful, black, matte bottle so it’s going to look awesome on your dressing table. Beside that, Nanobrow is handy – it fits in your bag, a tiny beauty case, it’s travel-sized.


The serum itself is colour-less and scent-less (no artificial colourants or aromas). It’s got a quite runny gel-like consistency and it doesn’t get on your eyelids. The product is lightweight, fast-absorbing and non-sticky.


What does Nanobrow contain? Nothing that’s going to cause irritation or damage. Only positive components, including moisturising panthenol (provitamin B5), repair-enhancing amino acid (arginine), strengthening, anti-eyebrow loss and growth-stimulating plant extracts (Baicalein, soybean and wheat extracts) and other substances which nourish, revitalize and beautify eyebrows (ginseng, glycerin). These marvelous ingredients are the secret of amazing Nanobrow effect.


There are many eyebrow enhancers having too thin or wide brush/comb applicators… which are not at all comfortable. The application of this serum is effortless thanks to the slick applicator made from soft, absorbent material.


Nanobrow is extremely easy to use and you don’t need a special training to do it the right way. However, before you apply it to your brows, make sure they are properly cleaned. Step 1 focuses on precise makeup removal, cleansing and drying the skin. Step 2 is about applying a little serum. Next, you must wait for a while so that the serum is absorbed and you will be able to apply a moisturiser or simply go to bed.


It’s not the cheapest eyebrow serum but it is definitely good value for money. Both for the quality of the ingredients and super effects.

What’s the Nanobrow effect?

It is a brow serum which every woman should keep in her beauty case if she wants to lay some money aside and avoid semi-permanent makeup costs. Effects delivered by regular Nanobrow application are far better than the makeup which often looks fake and unnatural.

It is an eyebrow serum which:

  • upgrades the brow shade,
  • thickens and boosts volume,
  • strengthens hair bulbs and follicles,
  • prevents eyebrow loss,
  • adds shine,
  • makes makeup routine easier.

20 Comments “Nanobrow – Eyebrow Serum Brief Review”

  1. Honey

    Sadly, i got my brows wrecked with permanent makeup.. 🙁 tried all sorts of conditioners to regenerate them but they all for nothing. Since you recommend Nanobrow I think I’ll get it.

  2. noname

    can I use nanobrow on make-up??

    • roxy fox

      what make-up you talk about? permanent or regular one? on permanent yes, but on regular no, you have to remove it first

  3. Veronica Kloss

    MY FAVE EYEBROW SERUM. <3 Tested dozens of them and no other is as good as Nanobrow. Great action, even better effects.

  4. madlene pe

    Read it, got convinced and bought it. Soon I’ll be testing! :):)

  5. south Caroline

    Nanobrow is better than any other serum, especially Revitabrow. Nanobrow works fast and you can see the results, ingredients and effects are worth every price. I recommend it to everyone 🙂

  6. M.E.A.N.

    Tested too. Great product, even for me.

  7. Stacy O.

    For those who like natural brows and to make them look really nice, this is brilliant solution. Unless, you prefer to have your brows drawn with a pencil, then don’t test it. 😛

  8. Othelia

    What’s it full composition? Where can I find it?

    • Candy 123

      Nanobrow’s composition is on official website (someone here asked about it in the comment section). I checked and this serum has rich composition, there’s plenty nourishing ingredients. Impressed so hard!

  9. Caroline :)

    You inspired my gifts. Sis always has problem with brows so I think she may like Nanobrow. Hope she does 😉

  10. Sabrina

    It is not the cheapest serum for brows but definetely worth the price – I agree! The effects are stunning!

    • Brunette37

      Too expensive for my taste… discount would be nice.

  11. NeverHaveIEver

    I used some brows’ serums and the cheap ones is one big mistake, those expensive ones worked a bit but best results gives Nanobrow. Must try for everyone!

  12. Kate Peetz

    Hi, great review! Kind regards.

  13. Maddy Zolter

    Since even you recommend nanobrow, it has to work great.

  14. Meggy27

    I read somewhere its even better than orphica brow

  15. missy2525

    B-E-S-T! It helped my brows get back to normal after a disease. Love nanobrow!

  16. Just24

    I got nanobrow for my mom as a gift cause her brows begun to be weak and fall out. Deficits everywhere. After a week, effects were wow… brows are growing back, are stronger, darker and look amazing, never expected this effect and that Nanobrow works like that! <3

  17. Marceline

    ow! I once irirtated an eye when using castor oil, don’t use it for brows!


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