My Remedies for Frizzy Flyaways – How to Enjoy Silky Smooth Hair All Day Long!

On a bad hair day, I look like a poodle (no offence). Even the smallest change in the weather, gentle rain or light wind turn my hair into a head of unruly curls. How to keep humidity frizz away? I’ve got a few remedies.

I’ve been talking to my college friend recently. It turns out frizzy hair isn’t just my problem. I bet many of my readers struggle with their hairdos every single day, trying to make them look their best.

What to do when hair seems to play by its own (unruly) rules and a bit of humidity makes it extremely frizzy in a blink of an eye?

There are a few methods yet in order to use them in a conscious way and know why they’re effective, you should learn something about your hair. Frizz is a reaction and it has its source.

Why is hair frizzy?

Hair damage is the most common cause. Hair cuticles on the external, protective coat are raised (highly porous) so hair loses water and nutrients as quickly as it absorbs them… On a rainy day, damaged hair absorbs water like a sponge, becoming frizzy and puffing up.

You might have heard that hair needs water. Yes, it does. However, the excess isn’t a good thing.

Humidity water absorbed by hair doesn’t stay long in strands – it runs away through open hair cuticles. That is why damaged hair gets drastically dry in no time. It becomes dehydrated, coarse, brittle.

What causes hair frizz?

Bad weather shouldn’t be blamed. Healthy hair looks stunning even if it’s raining. Frizz is mostly triggered by hair-damaging factors.

  • Having hair coloured/bleached regularly.
  • Heat styling: straightening, curling, blow drying.
  • Using alcohol-based products.
  • Not using conditioners, masks, oils.
  • Mineral and vitamin deficiency in a diet.

My remedies for frizzy flyaways

No matter if your hair is naturally prone to frizz or it’s just a temporary problem, you can fix it easily.

  1. Hydrating and nourishing are the critical elements which make up the basis for hair care. Let’s take action, following the rule ‘the healthier the hair, the fewer the problems’. If hair keeps moisture and doesn’t long for minerals and lipids, the cuticles won’t be raised. A sealed, smooth hair surface is the best protective shield for hair. It might sound paradoxical yet you must moisturise your hair to protect it from humidity.
  2. We shouldn’t be so scared of silicones in hair products. Despite being notorious, they are worth mentioning for the sake of this topic. To be more precise, silicones are designed to make hair smooth by staying on its surface. They don’t penetrate inside thus have no nutritional value. On the other hand, they ensure brilliant protection against external elements. Applying silicone products in small amounts lets you save hair from humidity and reduces frizz.
  3. Hair oil treatment is another excellent remedy that should be repeated regularly. The choice of oils is up to you – I use a ready-made Nanoil blend of oils and don’t have to wonder which oil to pick. But if you prefer, get a natural argan oil, almond oil, grapeseed oil, etc. What benefits you’re going to get? Stronger hydro-lipid hair coat which translates to hair that’s less prone to water loss and doesn’t absorb as much water. Consequently, frizz is hugely reduced.
  4. The right hair care routine isn’t the only anti-frizz saver. Think of headgear e.g. a hat, scarf, (making a comeback) beret. It creates a physical barrier pushing humidity away for smoother hair which isn’t so frizzy. Unfortunately, you must be aware that hair may lose volume and get oily under a hat. Tit for tat.
  5. A leave-in spray conditioner comes useful, preferably based on emollients e.g. light hair oils. Why use it? We already use conditioners, masks and oil treatments, right? The reason for doing that is you can carry it in your bag, car, anywhere, and use it whenever your hair starts to rebel and needs extra anti-humidity protection. The leave-in conditioner makes a brilliant choice for the busy ones.

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