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My experience with Nanoil Liquid Silk Hair Mask. The end of frizzy hair!

Do you know this feeling when your hair goes frizzy and static so even a quality brush fails to tame it? Most girls tend to reach for a flat iron to make the tresses cooperate. I’ve been there!

Thankfully, I’ve found a solution so now I know how to care for frizzy hair. Most of all, it needs in-depth hydration, nourishing and protection. When the hair is healthy, it doesn’t turn into frizzy flyaways. Only a silk-rich mask can help. One product having dozens of benefits is an answer to the problem.

So, I tell you about such mask here – the mask that let me remedy my frizzy hair. Enjoy the read. 🙂

Nanoil Hair Mask with liquid silk

Frizz-prone hair is very fussy and needs the best ingredients to grow stronger and smoother naturally. Of course, you can overload it with styling products but it’s pointless – you need to find a product that works inside the hair structures.

This is what the Nanoil Liquid Silk Hair Mask is like. Simple ingredients and great results made me love it right away.

Actually, this is one of the five masks from the Nanoil line designed for the professional hair care at home. It’s based on silk proteins so is made for unruly, frizzy, static hair that needs strengthening.

Here are 5 reasons why I believe the Nanoil Liquid Silk Hair Mask makes a perfect pick and why I’ll surely repurchase it.

  • Ingredients – simple, free from parabens, good selection of substances
  • Consistency – lightweight, creamy, non-overburdening
  • Effects – this mask really works and helps
  • Speed – leaves the hair smoother and easier to detangle after just one use
  • Price – all benefits are available at a very attractive price

My Nanoil Liquid Silk Hair Mask experience

Let me tell you briefly about the beginnings with the Nanoil Liquid Silk Hair Mask. Let’s go back a few months when I started fighting my frizzy flyaways. I tested various products with zero results. I felt a little down.

Finally, my hairdresser recommended a new arrival – a silk hair mask from Nanoil. I already knew this brand because they sell amazing organic oils so I decided to give it a go. I placed an order for my mask at (official store) and applied it to my hair just 2 days later.

I was a afraid the mask was tricky to use. After all, masks aren’t like leave-in conditioners. It turned out that we need to follow just three simple steps to get  lovely hair: wash the hair, apply the mask, rinse after 20 mins or so. It couldn’t be easier, really.

The product is very light, smoothly glides through the tresses and just a small amount is necessary for one application. It’s easy to rinse, not leaving the hair weighed-down whatsoever.

What about the effects of using the silky mask from Nanoil? They are spectacular because you can spot them after the very first use:

  • my hair is way smoother
  • it boasts amazing gloss
  • detangling is easier
  • the frizz is reduced

I was surprised that the Nanoil Liquid Silk Hair Mask works so fast! Obviously this was just a superficial effect and I had to wait a bit more to let the mask work intensively and turn my strands into strong, resilient, smooth and luminous hair that doesn’t go frizzy or static.

Isn’t that all we need? Okay, we wouldn’t say no to some sun-protection and anti-humidity shield. This is what the Nanoil mask also delivers – it envelopes the hair with a thin, silky coating so that the hair doesn’t lose hydration and nutrients, plus it’s secured from the harmful outside factors.

What else should you know about the Nanoil Liquid Silk?

I guess you’re curious what ingredients make it so damn effective. The formula is made of just several substances with the two playing the main role:

  • hydrolyzed silk made of proteins that rebuild the hair structure, repair, strengthen and add smoothness
  • pro-vitamin B5, aka panthenol, intensively nourishes, hydrates and backs up the natural hair repair.

To me, it’s great that Nanoil uses the minimal number of essential ingredients to give splendid effects. Hair and the scalp (in particular) don’t like the product overload – the less you apply, the better the hair looks. The Nanoil Liquid Silk Mask proves I’m right!

My rating 10/10

I recommend Nanoil! Let me know if you feel like testing the Nanoil Liquid Silk Mask or maybe you’re already the owner of this jewel. 🙂


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