Microblading. Was It Painful? Do I Have any Regrets?


As I mentioned many times, I never liked my brows. They were always thin, patchy, shape-less. I tried many oils and serums but they gave me only temporary improvement. Eyebrow tinting lasted for two weeks or so. That is why I went for permanent eyebrow make-up! Today I’d like to tell you how I picked the salon, if I regret my decision and if the procedure was painful.

To be honest, I had bad associations with permanent make-up. They were even worse when I thought of microblading. It made me think of black lines that are unremovable till the end of life! However, after looking through some images from different salons I figured some of them looked really natural as well as bold and on-fleek. And that’s why I gave it a try!

Step 1 Where to get permanent brows done?

You don’t need to hurry. Take your time while watching the effects from different salons and professionals. You will find them on the official salon websites, Facebook pages or Instagram. See if you like the style that a given brow expert has. Try to find a person who’s done lots of training so you know she likes to broaden her knowledge and keep updated.

Step 2 Before the treatment

Firstly, my brow expert did the brow mapping to set the perfect shape. It took quite a lot of time. I told her about my preferences. I wanted the brows to be as natural-looking as possible. She suggested making them slightly thicker than my natural brows and I agreed. As I wanted them to have darker tips, I went for ombre brows. I also had to choose the color and decided on a cool shade. If you can’t decide between two colors, it’s good to choose a lighter one (tip from the esthetician) because later on you can make them darker during the touch-up appointment.

Was the procedure painful?

The perception of pain is subjective. I have a low pain threshold. To be honest I thought it would be more painful. It was more of a discomfort and crave for scratching the brows.

Do I regret my decision?

Not at all! My brows look stunning and definitely make me feel more attractive. I got them darkened during a touch-up. The effects last for around two years. Will I get them tattooed again? It’s hard to say now but I don’t know if I will get used to my natural sparse and asymmetric brows ever again.

What do you make of microblading? Would you go for the treatment? Leave a comment!


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