How to get snow-white smile? My methods of at-home teeth whitening

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Are you interested in the topic and you’ve come to read a little more about teeth whitening? You might not be surprised but perhaps, I’ll give you a good tip on how to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home!:))

Without a doubt, we can say that whiteness looks beautiful. That’s why we do everything to make our teeth snow-white. What’s interesting, we are more likely to go for whitening toothpaste rather than consider its medical properties. Do we really care more of a beautiful smile than strong and healthy teeth? Where is this rage for pure white teeth coming from?

I stopped liking my teeth when I started paying more attention to the smiles of the characters of my favorite tv series, movies, and music videos. I was so impressed with their perfectly white teeth that it made me wanted to look as flawless. I was a teenager back then and since I couldn’t make my own money and I didn’t get too much allowance from my parents, I could not afford expensive toothpaste not to mention high-priced dental treatments. I had no choice, I had to think of some affordable and at-home methods of teeth-whitening. I was almost on my own because the Internet access was not so broad as it is today, and there were no such things as YouTube tutorials. The only source of knowledge I could derive a bit of info from were some magazines and guidebooks bought by my mom.

Nowadays, my teeth are white but it’s mainly thanks to my dentist. He offered me a whitening treatment and I decided to give it a try. The result was very nice but I still went back to my reliable homemade ways to maintain the effect. So far, it’s all I need to enjoy a beautiful and white smile.

My methods for snow-white teeth 

At-home teeth whitening is not so difficult. All you need to know is a few tricks and use the right products (which I came to know by many trials). The two methods that worked best for me are:

  • enriching the toothpaste with whitening additives;
  • using a mouth-wash with natural oil.

The first option is very popular because we only need regular toothpaste and one additional product. We can mix all of it with a given ingredient and make a home-made whitening paste. But I prefer squeezing one portion into a small bowl and prepare the mixture before each brushing. Why this way? What if this whitening substance does not work and we want to change the ingredient? We would waste the entire tube at once.

What to add to the toothpaste to make it whiten the teeth?

This method of teeth whitening is very easy and affordable provided that we know what to mix the toothpaste with.


You probably would like to ask how an intensely yellow turmeric can whiten your teeth. I also had some doubts when I first added it to my paste. I had the impression that after rinsing this yellow foam from my mouth it will turn out that my teeth will gain a “wonderful” yellow hue. But I was wrong, everything was fine. It is true that the paste with the addition of turmeric does not taste good, but it gains additional antibacterial and antifungal properties thanks to this spice. Also, it effectively removes yellow deposits from teeth and does not stain it, but restores natural whiteness. It’s definitely worth testing out.


Another interesting way is to add crumbled activated charcoal to the toothpaste. Where to get it from? The easiest way is to buy it in a pharmacy – it is true that it comes in the form of tablets, but there is nothing difficult to break them on the chopping board with the flat side of the knife, possibly using a spice mortar. Such powdered activated carbon has a great detoxifying effect and kills bacteria that can accumulate on the teeth. Therefore, it cares not only for the appearance of teeth, because it effectively whitens them, but also it is a great remedy for their health. Toothpastes with activated carbon are already available in many drugstores, but I recommend you do your own. Finely crushed carbon particles will work in a traditional toothpaste like exfoliation, thus, it will smooth the teeth surface and cleanse it off the yellow coating.


Another supplement, which can be used to enrich toothpaste to make it whiten the teeth better, is baking soda. Here we do not have to worry that it will dye our teeth yellow (like turmeric) or black (like coal). Baking soda is recommended for brushing teeth mainly due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Perfectly cleanses, at the same time whitening, but … unfortunately, with prolonged use, it can weaken enamel. Therefore, it can be used several times, but be careful not to overuse the product.

Oil for teeth whitening? Yes, indeed! 

I also mentioned that I used a mouthwash with oil. For me, this is a great way for white and strong teeth, although many people say that this way, we can cleanse toxins and immunize our entire body. One thing is certain, pulling oil (because that’s what it’s called professionally) detoxifies, removes bacteria from the mouth and prevents the accumulation of unsightly deposits. As a result, with this oil, we rinse out the dirt and give the teeth a beautiful, white color.

What oil is suitable for mouthwash? Of course, a natural one, that is free of any additives, preservatives of chemical substances. Pure nature. I like to use the following oils: linseed, sesame, rapeseed or sunflower coconut oil. I recommend these, but feel free to test your own solutions.


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