How to get long, thick and healthy lashes? It’s easy!

Every woman dreams of having long and thick eyelashes, but not everyone has been given them by nature (instead, some got bushy eyebrows or mustache). Fortunately, there are ways to make your eyelashes long and thick. All you have to do is take care of them properly. What to do to have healthy, long and thick eyelashes? Will castor oil be a remedy in this case, or maybe an eyelash serum? Do you have to reach for advanced eyelash serums with substances used in ophthalmology? What are the three main rules of eyelash care? Before I present my ways of getting healthy, long and thick eyelashes, you will find the answer to the question of how much eyelashes fall out each day.

How many lashes fall out in a day?

It is estimated that an average of 150-200 eyelashes grows on the upper eyelid, and about 50-150 on the lower eyelid. Eyelashes on the upper eyelid reach a length of 8-12 millimeters, and on the lower eyelid – 6-8 millimeters. The loss of up to two eyelashes a day can be considered natural. If you lose more than that, you should go to a dermatologist.

What to do to have healthy, long and thick eyelashes?

As I have mentioned before, every woman dreams of having long and thick eyelashes, but not everyone was born with stunning lashes. Contrary to appearances, applying false eyelashes or several layers of mascara is not the only solution to this problem. Fortunately, there are also less invasive ways.

Eyelash care products

Such cosmetics will help us to strengthen and extend eyelashes. Eyelash serum effectively moisturizes and nourishes eyelashes and stimulates their growth. If used as a base for mascara, it optically thickens them and emphasizes eye makeup. The serum can be applied to the upper and lower eyelashes. However, eyelash conditioner used before bedtime, if it is used for a long time, will lengthen eyelashes and reduce their fragility. Even a small layer is enough, provided it will be applied on a daily basis. But the eyelash balm combines the properties of conditioner and serum, which is why it both regenerates and lengthens them.


Eliminating bad habits will help you improve your lashes. Because they are delicate, they should not be pulled or rubbed excessively. In addition, you should regularly replace your mascara with a fresh one and remove the lumps before each use. To minimize the risk of damaging eyelashes, make sure to remove makeup gently and with the use of mild products. You can replace regular eyelash serums with a mascara that has all the qualities of a conditioner. Such a product will not only give your eyelashes the desired look, but will also strengthen them. Equally, eyelash serum can be replaced with vaseline or olive oil. An interesting and effective solution will be the application of green tea leaves soaked in warm water or grated lemon peel, soaked for several days in olive oil; both solutions will stimulate eyelashes to grow.

However,  you cannot forget about a healthy and well-balanced diet!

Three principles of eyelash care 

A well-chosen eyelash serum is not a guarantee of success because:

  • It should be used regularly and for a long period of time (this time is specified by the manufacturer on the packaging). Some preparations are to be applied only in the evening, after eye makeup removal – and spread either along the entire lashline (they moisturize them and increase their elasticity), or only at the base (they nourish the hair follicles and stimulate their activity). Other serums should be applied not only in the evening but also in the morning. There are still such preparations that can be spread on the eyelashes before applying the mascara. Their use is aimed at nourishing, protecting and thickening eyelashes, thus emphasizing make-up.
  • Its action can be weakened by careless makeup removal, which, in addition, worsens the condition of eyelashes. Why? Because improperly washed makeup products clog the hair follicles and irritate the skin of the eyelids. As a result, it speeds up the loss of eyelashes. In addition, it causes mechanical damage to eyelashes, which means breaking them. For this reason, make-up removal must be not only accurate but also delicate.
  • Treatments and cosmetic accessories can weaken eyelashes, and an eyelash curler is a perfect example of such tools. It must not be used on eyelashes already coated with mascara, because then it contributes to breaking them.

My methods to get long, thick and healthy lashes 

1. Castor oil 

I love castor oil, which has been used by my family for a long time as an effective remedy for long and thick eyelashes. It has lash-regenerating properties so it is able to rebuild their structure, and thus – thicken and darken them. It is quite thin, so it flows off the eyelashes and irritates the conjunctiva. For this reason, I always apply it on a cotton swab, and then, transport it to the eyelashes.

2. Eyelash serum

The second thing I thoroughly recommend is an eyelash serum – a product that not only nourishes lashes but also accelerates their growth. When shopping for eyelash serums, make sure to choose preparations that contain the following ingredients:

  • hyaluronic acid – moisturizes eyelashes;
  • glycoproteins – stimulate the hair follicles;
  • biotin and vitamin B12 – prevent eyelash loss;
  • nanopeptides – accelerate and prolong the eyelash growth phase;
  • panthenol – complements the structure of eyelashes and increases their elasticity;
  • plant extracts – have antioxidant, moisturizing and regenerating properties.
3. Modern eyelash serums with substances used in ophthalmology

A good solution will be to use serums which consist of not only plant ingredients and peptides, but also substances used in ophthalmology. These ingredients contribute to an intensive growth of eyelashes and inhibit their loss. I have used such serums myself and I have to tell you that they are really amazing. The only disadvantage is the high price.

What are your ways for long and thick eyelashes? How do you care about their health and appearance? I am waiting for your suggestions!


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