How do I delay skin ageing process?

Have you noticed the first signs of ageing on your face? Don’t worry, me too. Long time ago. Are you considering undergoing plastic surgery? I also was thinking about this solution, yet I came to the conclusion that before reaching for such drastic means I’ll try out the less invasive ones. After all, there are plenty of face creams which can delay skin ageing processes. I decided to find this out. The fruit of my search is the very article. I’m doing my best to answer the question: How do I manage to slow down skin ageing processes?

Signs of skin ageing

Although skin ageing is an individual issue, which in great extent is determined by genes, it’s generally believed that skin starts aging after turning 25. When reaching 30, this process accelerates and slowly start affecting the entire body.

Supple skin has thick and elastic epidermis that is covered by thin and smooth corneum. It’s well-moisturised owing to which it remains elastic; its reaction to pressure is correct. On the other hand, flabby skin has less thinner epidermis which cells regenerate slower. Its tone is rather dull. Broken capillaries are fast and systematic to appear, skin gets dehydrated which heralds wrinkles coming.

Solar and anti-wrinkle protection

Influence of UV radiation and solarium on skin is highly damaging and irreversible. Ultraviolet radiation leads to free radical appearance in its huge number. Whereas an organism is able to conquer free radicals when they attack our body from the inside, it seems to be defenceless when exposed to the action of the sun for a few hours. Free radicals damage lipids located in epidermis and, as a result, skin loses moisture; collagen and elasticin fibres are disturbed. As a consequence, skin elasticity drops down which encourages wrinkles.

In order to protect skin against UV radiation even better, you should apply UV filter that many sunscreens feature. Such filter is also often included in day face creams. Naturally, it’d be best if you kept applying UV filter all year round because the sun shines no matter of the season, right? It’s worth realising that UV filter shouldn’t be applied only during summer holidays, which we frequently spend at the seaside.

The right anti-age care

Coenzyme Q10, vitamin E and F, and selenium

In order to restore suppleness and prevent ageing effects, you should apply more than just specialistic balms, milks and firming serums – you should also turn to pharmaceutical preparations. Many of them contain coenzyme Q10 which extends the lifespan of cells and when combined with vitamin E, it stimulates immune system and sweeps away free radicals responsible for skin ageing. Other preparations use selenium and vitamin F which when applied together prevent skin cells ageing. Selenium and vitamin F aren’t only present in cosmetics but also food products which you should use to upgrade your diet with. In short, you can find selenium in seafood, wheat sprout, corn, tomatoes and yeast; vitamin F can be found in vegetable oils, grains and nuts.

Plant hormones

Kinetin is a natural plant growth hormone which is responsible for cell division. As the researches prove, kinetin added to creams is able to delay skin ageing and facilitates removal of damages caused by long exposition to the sun. Moreover, contrary to retinol and fruity acids, it doesn’t irritate skin, and therefore this substance is suitable even for sensitive skin.

Anti-age diet

Anti-age diet should consists of natural anti-oxidants, and these are among others vegetables – celery, garlic, pepper, brussels sprout and carrot – as well as red wine and products rich in vitamins A, C and E, selenium. I’ve already mentioned the beneficial action delivered by both vitamin E and selenium, but when it comes to vitamin A, it rejuvenates skin and helps preserve healthy look of fingernails and hair. Vitamin C, in turn, takes part in collagen synthesis and makes skin more supple.

Creams simulating Botox and laser action (a.k.a. fillers)

At the beginning of my entry I’ve mentioned plastic surgeries, haven’t I? If you feel that regular creams I described aren’t powerful enough, and when undergoing plastic operation scares you off, I’ve found a compromise. There are many creams available that simulate action delivered by Botox and laser. Of course, the effects their provide aren’t that spectacular but this kind of products reduce skin tension and help it ‘relax.’ Furthermore, they shape face oval. Whereas a plastic surgeon makes incisions and stretches skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, a cream simulating this procedure just tightens skin. Taking everything into consideration, I’d recommend you to give a go to the cosmetics first. It’s better to give them a chance before undergoing surgical procedures.

The elixir of youth?

Researches in Howard Hughes Medical Institute (USA) ran on mouse cells prove that a gene responsible for ageing does exist. This gen is named „SIRT1” and neutralizing it provides mice with longevity without aging. So I think, conceivably, we might be just one step to creating the elixir of youth.

What are your methods of delaying skin ageing processes? Do you use sunscreens and anti-aging preparations or do you take specialist advice? Do you follow a healthy lifestyle or do you make an assumption that “whatever will be, will be?” Leave comments!


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