Does a long-lasting foundation really exist? I am testing Lasting Finish 25 H foundation by Rimmel


Every girl wants her makeup to be flawless, long-lasting and natural. Is mine like that? Ever since I have been testing Lasting Finish 25 H foundation from Rimmel, I can say that everything is heading the right direction. Are you tempted to find out the outcome of my recent cosmetic experience? Keep on reading!

A bit of theory for starters

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 H foundation comes in a glass bottle equipped with a pump; the capacity is standard – 30ml. We can choose from 7 different shades of beige and bronze: Light Porcelain, Ivory, True Ivory, Soft Beige, Classic Beige, Natural Beige and Sand. It not really a lot, however, I believe you will find your matching shade. The product is dedicated to dry or combination skin. In my opinion, the producer did not think it through carefully enough when giving such description, because it is impossible for one cosmetic to be suitable for dry and combination skin.

Lasting Finish 25 H – theory follow-up

One thing is certain: Rimmel foundation provides full coverage. It covers up discolouration, dark under-eye circles and other imperfections. It makes the skin colour and texture even and the makeup looks natural. However, note that if you apply a too thick layer, the product may accumulate in the fine lines. What else should you know about  Lasting Finish 25 H before you test it out? It is said that it does not stain the clothes…Do you wanna know the truth? There are no cosmetics that wouldn’t transfer onto your shirt or scarf. It is just impossible! What is more, another promise is that the product lasts 25 hours. Please, enlighten me, which of you ever wears makeup for the entire day, night and + 1 more hour? Nevertheless, the foundation looks really nice on the skin during the hours I sent at work. Additionally, according to the label, the cosmetic has been enriched with vitamin E which is to protect against free radicals and other external factors. During my foundation experience with the Rimmel foundation, I haven’t noticed any improvement in regard to my skin condition.

A last, time for some practice – the application of Lasting Finish 25 H by Rimmel

The key step towards a flawless makeup is choosing the proper shade of the cosmetic. In my case, Ivory is best for my skin tone. I always prep my skin before applying any cosmetics, and use a moisturiser. For the application of Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 H I like to use a flat-top brush. First, I create ‘stamps’ all over my face and then, blend it evenly. Remember to use a tiny amount of the product; you can always apply an additional layer to any problem spots. Finally, I set everything with Stay Matte translucent powder (also my Rimmel) and my face makeup is ready.


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